How to find the best wedding planner in Kerala within your budget - 9 Useful Tips

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There are a few moments in this busy life which we enjoy the most. You best friend’s marriage, Friend’s reunion, meeting your cousins after a long time. Most importantly, marrying someone you love and enjoy that moment for the rest of your life.


However, when it comes to marriage, many other factors come to mind. Rather than concentrating on how to enjoy the best moment, all attention will be given to marriage planning and budget. The best solution to this issue is to find out the best wedding planner in Kerala who fits in your budget. However, the next worrying part is to find the event management companies in Kerala to who fits in your budget. Here is some tip to find the suitable wedding planners within your budget.

1. Take a suggestion from your married friends on Wedding Planner Suggestion

There are many ways to select your wedding planner. You can simply select the best looking on from the list of event management companies in Kerala or most reliable way is to take a suggestion from your married friends. Since they already gone through the process, they know each and every good and bad points to look at. From getting ready in the morning until finishing the ceremony, you can hear all kind of suggestion from them. This way you can find the most reliable and cooperative event management companies in Kerala and delegate them to make your marriage a grant event that too within your budget.

2. Customize the basic plan

A professional wedding planning company can customize their basic plan for their customer and can even suggest a few tips to reduce your budget. However, If any event management team is not ready to change any plan, they are not much experienced enough to know the details. Hence, if anyone giving you a good amount of rate deduction by customizing his or her basic plan. Better you find any of the event management in Cochin or Thrissur for getting a professional team.

3. Discuss the catering services.

A good professional event management team will let you know their food details and dishes can remove if not needed. Reducing unwanted food items will result in some concession in the overall rate. Because food is something very costly and a lot of items are not eaten or wasted in marriage, hence such items can definitely remove. There are Catering services in Kochi whom can be contacted if you need a different catering option other than a full package from the event management team.

4.  Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is something that irritates us at the wedding but surprises us after the final output. This would be the best memory of your future life which can cherish for a lifetime. Although, we need quality video and photos for the same. Rates and fee structure can be discussed with the event management team before the quotation. Although they prefer a complete package, they can alter the fee and structure as per our need. If there is not much happening, better to do photography with an outside professional rest of the arrangement give it to event management team. Although there are many professional Wedding Photography in Kochi, It is better to go with the experienced and proven one in case event management team not giving you much choice

5. Wedding Stage Decorations

Wedding stage decorations are part of event management and however, you can ask them for a simple and effective decoration in an innovative way. Wedding stages are the first impression your guests are getting. Rather than decorate it with too many expensive stuff, ask them to be creative and do a simple and innovative one so guests will see something new. Such an initiative will reduce some cost for wedding stage decorations and upon discussion, they could allow you some discount on overall amount. There are many good Wedding stage decoration in Kochi which you can refer and contact the wedding planners and discuss your desire.

6. Number of Guests.

A professional wedding planner will help you in all aspects of marriage arrangements. Guest numbers are something which increases the cost of the event, hence a wedding planner team can help you determine the sufficient number of the guest under your budget. The logical part in this point is to call the close friends and relatives to your wedding than inviting the whole place and hardly known friends. This way, marriage can arrange within your budget without compromising the quality of the overall arrangements.

As the guest number decreases, the quality of the invitation card will remain the same without hurting the budget. Invitation cards show the quality of your marriage and the very first impression of your marriage. Hence making it impressive and innovative is important. You can consult your wedding planner for the recommendation and a good team will suggest you different varieties and economic yet impressive cards. Even if there are many teams of Invitation designing in Kerala, stick to your wedding planner if you find them cooperative. Giving quotation to a different party may cause you more money and coordination.

7. A different approach

If your wedding planner can arrange a new approach to your marriage in simple stuff like guest interaction, or entry of Groom and Bride are going to impact the overall level of your marriage. This is not going to cost any single penny extra yet, will have a greater impact on your guests. All they want is you come together and have a great time. You can provide it with such innovation. However, only a professional and cooperative wedding planner can provide us with such innovative ideas. Even you can suggest to them so they can arrange it for you. It only costs some coordination, nothing else. Such innovative ideas will place your marriage one of the best in Kerala and grow our wedding planner to Wedding planners in Kerala list.

8. Looks Do Matter.

Even though wedding invitation, Stage Decoration, and catering services are notable points in a marriage, First and most attraction is always Bride and Groom. Their behavior, smile, looks, dress everything is monitored and judged by the guests. Hence the appearance of the bride and groom is an important aspect of a marriage. Although buying ornaments and dresses are up to the personals, wedding planners can suggest to you the latest trends and tips on your wedding day appearance. This will help you to be more trendy and appear in your best. Who knows with all these trendy features you may feature in best Wedding videography in Kochi.

9. The chemistry between wedding pair

Although all the above points are relevant, the best part to be concentrate is the chemistry between bride and groom. All these event, arrangements, discussion are for those 2 starting a new life in a grand style. We Scenario, being the best team of Event Management Kochi care that and work in a customizable way to ensure the best service to our client. Our primary goal is to make sure that client enjoys each and every part of the event and the chemistry and happiness between the pair remain the same for the whole day and let them take it forward for rest of their life. A detailed discussion before the marriage and we could provide them with more details about possible customization and flexibility to give utmost comfort to our client for a tension-free event arrangement.

Basically what you have to find in wedding planners is their cooperation and recommendation level to cope up with your budget. A money minded and overrated wedding planners will try to stick with their final cost without even considering your budget. We, the scenario weddings The best of event management in Kochi, does have a flexible plan which will ensure that our client and their guest will enjoy the event and remain carefree for the whole day. For more details please visit

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