Why Is Mehendi Considered To Be So Important In Indian Marriages?

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Mainly for all Indian marriages festivities usually begin with a mehendi ceremony. “Mehendi laga ke rakhna…doli saja ke rakhna…lene tujhe o gori..aaenge tere sajna…” is the most common suggested line by wedding planners in Kerala in all marriage mehendi functions. Not only bride but also all the females in the house gather together for the entertaining the evening and also to ornament their hands with the designs of birds, flowers and abstract beautiful henna design patterns. Some families unite sangeet and mehendi ceremony together as a pre-wedding function and make it as a grand affair.

Event management Kerala providesan exciting customary pre-wedding ceremony putting lots a lot of stress on customs and rituals and the same is reflected in the Mehndi ceremony before marriage. Now, mehendi ceremony is very popular and has become an integral part of the wedding ceremony that it cannot be imagined without it. The bride will not step out of the house after this ceremony according to the ritual. This is a private affair which takes place in the presence of relatives, friends, and the family members, it is usually organized by the bride’s family.

Event management in Kochi comments that even the groom applies a few mehendi on his hands as well as feet as per certain traditions in different races. All friends and family members of bride and groom become a part of mehendi ceremony. It is not only a fun-filled function but also it has a deep-rooted cultural importance too. Closely examine this blog to know about all the beautiful significances of mehendi in Indian marriages.


Check With The Historical Background Of Mehendi

Mehendi is known to be the oldest form of body art that has ever been into existence. Mehendi is a Hindi or Arabic word which is derived from Sanskrit word “Mendhika” which directly refers henna plant. Since from the Vedic period we use the word henna. “Camphire” is the meaning of the word henna in the bible. Henna has been used as a cosmetic even before Vedic ages in and around the Indian subcontinent. To the different parts of the world like Egypt, Asia Minor, and the Middle East, India is considered as the source from where the body art traditions with henna have spread. Usage of henna to Cleopatra to paint her body and also reference of henna during the mummification process of Pharaohs are well-known in the history. People use henna as a remedy for gray hairs and beards and this was advocated by Prophet Muhammad. Hindus consider mehendi part of the customary 16 adornments of Solah Shringar and it is also well considered among many traditions around the world.


What Actually Henna Is?

Lawsonia inermis or henna is shrub-like plant extensively seen in the tropical climates of Indian sub-continent, Middle Eastern countries, Malaysia, Africa. When bound with protein molecules of the upper skin layer, Lawsone a red-orange dye produced by the leaves and branches is responsible in imparting characteristic color to the mehendi. Event management Kottayam search for the rich mehendi plant in Punjab, parts of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat.


How To Prepare Henna Paste by event management companies in Thrissur?

Henna is traditionally extracted from dried powdered henna leaves. A smooth paste is obtained by mixing dried mossy green powder of henna leaves with drops of eucalyptus oil, lemon juice, and water. After soaking overnight for maximum infusion, the paste is poured inside a plastic cone. As smaller cones afford more easier application it is preferred more.

How To Apply Mehendi?

Cut the tips of the cones according to the preferred thickness of the lines needed to make the squeezing lightly to ensure smooth, continuous flow of Mehndi. Starting from the forearms, application gradually move down to the hand ending in the fingertips.               

Who Knows The Real Design Trends?

Those days are gone were certain sisters and aunties were in demand around the neighborhood for their expertise in Mehndi designs. Mehendi ceremony now focuses around professional Mehendi artist who specializes in the latest trends in henna art. Bride/ groom replicas, floral designs, peacock motifs etc. Normally, fingertips are covered using thick layers of henna paste. This is done to adorn brides body in imitation of expensive ornaments. As mehndi motifs are generally applied to one side of the hand and feet and do not extend to forearms or calves, one can choose for Arabic designs. Paisley and floral designs are generally curvy with lots of emphasis on vines. Event management Kochi prefers addition of stones and blings, glitters or metallic dusts are the latest trends in bridal henna designs. Todays trend incorporates white henna designs and geometric patterns.

Aftercare Tips

To maintain a deep and uniform color, you should keep your henna for a minimum of 4 hours. The color directly depends on how long you kept the paste. Actually, the color intensifies depending on one’s body heat. To seal your mehendi in the body heat you can wrap the henna-painted body parts in plastic wraps or foils for fast and better results. To prevent the fall off of dried mehendi, a mixture of lemon juice and sugar should be applied on the designs with a brush or light cloth at 1 hour intervals, it will also put a better color. Letting the hands soak up the smoke of cloves roast for the better development of color. Event management Thrissur suggests to remove mehendi by rubbing the hands after it dries, avoid using water to remove mehendi.

Know More About This Traditional Ritual

Generally a day before the wedding, mehendi takes place. This ritual is usually conducted separately by bride and groom’s family in their own residences. It is a women oriented ceremony where the men in the family won’t usually participate. Simple outfits mainly of plain or light color in yellow color is basically preferred for this ceremony. Stage decoration in Kochi deck up the stage with flowers and colorful draperies. Light green or light yellow colored Lehenga or Salwar Kameez with short sleeves are the dress weared by bride and groom wear light colored Kurta Pajama for the same. Wearing mehendi is not a compulsory task for the groom even though a little bit is applied on his hands and feet in simple dots or small designs. Event management in Calicut allows applying oil on the groom’s hair as another part of this ceremony. Along with gifts like fruits, dry fruits and sweets, mehendi for bride arrives from groom’s family. In the past days, mehendi was either applied by one of the bride’s relative but today this work is done by  any professional mehendi artists. Henna is applied on the front and back of her palm, forearm, till above the elbows, and on the feet till below the knee according to brides preference. With dholaks and other musical instruments, elderly ladies sing traditional mehendi songs. Apart from the bride, women relatives of the bride also get Mehendi applied to their hands.

Popular Beliefs Of Wearing Mehendi

Handing over the values to generations a mehendi ceremony has its own traditional beliefs. Intricate bridal mehendi includes groom’s initial in the design and in the post marriage ceremonies the groom has to somehow find it out. Especially in case of a newly wedded arranged marriage couple event management Trivandrum consider this ceremony as a nice ice-breaker. Some suggests that color of mehendi signifies the bond and love within the couples, while some believe that the color notifies the bond between mother-in-law and bride.

Significance Of Wearing Mehendi For Wedding

Rather than cosmetic mehendi in a pre-wedding ritual has deep underlying scientific reasons behind it. It is known for cooling properties, it is supposed to calm the bride’s nerves when applied to her hands and feet. This is a reunion time for relatives, family friends, neighbours from far off places. Event management in Cochin votes this an indispensable part of the wedding celebrations. Mehendi is a colorful ceremony which officially kicks off the wedding festivities in full gear with lots of singing and dance performances. Not only for Hindu weddings in Northern and Eastern India but also its famous among Indian Muslims. As a pre-wedding ritual more and more cultures are embracing the idea of mehendi ceremony.

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