Tips To Execute For A Perfect Stage Decoration

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Weddings are all about happiness and enjoyment in a glorious manner, especially Indian weddings. For exclusive weddings, people are obsessed with decor, rituals, and themes. Nailing marriage decoration is very important because it’s the which marks the beginning of your life. This will add a pressure on the couple to make sure everything is exactly in place. With the perfect idea in mind event management Kochi plan the marriage for every single day. But sometimes under enormous pressure, they get perturbed. In such case hiring a professional like Scenario is the only thing, you can do to plan your most important day. Here you go with a few other tips to make sure that your D-day plan comes perfectly, apart from hiring professionals.

Tips To Execute In Indian Wedding Decoration

Tip 1- Select A Theme

For all those who deserve the grand ceremony are always provided with a grand wedding decoration themes. Sometimes themes will be of reflecting the love story shared between you and your partner. Online sites can help you in providing themes but if you want something out of the box only a professional can help you with.

Tip 2- Booking The Venue

Destination weddings in Kochi first plans with the venue to avoid hassle during every wedding season and make sure to pre-book the favorite venue suggested by their customers.

Tip 3- Flower Power

There is nothing better than original flowers if you want to add Indian ethnicity to the decor. Roses, dahlia, peony, and lilies are a few varieties among decoration flowers. These flowers are ornamented in the best possible manner by an experienced decorator. Entrance, backdrop and mandap are the most focus of floral decoration because these are the key decoration places in a wedding. Event management companies in Thrissur floral decoration as a key element that no wedding can do without. The walls and pillars can be enriched with fresh aromatic bouquets, garlands or hangings that would steal any spectator’s heart. For enhancing the auspiciousness of your wedding ceremony they can be used for crafting bewitching overhead structures, regal cartouche or traditional South Indian floral rangolis.

Tip 4- Mehndi And Sangeet Decor

Celebrations and ceremonies should be decorated with a bit of modern peppiness. For these fun ceremonies, people mainly focus more on enjoyment. Event management in Kerala adds colorful decorative pieces as it adds on to the mood.  

Tip 5- Drapes And Hangings Are The New Cool

Event management companies in Trivandrum prefer sheer or lace drapes on the ceiling with light hangings or flower pot hangings to make the venue look more gorgeous. Wedding venues in Kerala go with placemats and elegant statues all around to create a regal ambiance.

Tip 6- Centrepieces Are A Must

Event management in Thrissur avoid original floral centerpieces, rather stick to crystal or scented candles mainly on the table where people will sit and eat.

Tip 7- Wedding Stage Decoration

The place where the couple will sit and attend the guests is the next important part. Event management in Kollam uses extensive floral designing and decoration with sparkles, ribbons, false pearls etc in the stage. Also, they try with vibrant combinations of burnt orange, purple, pink and magenta; red and burgundy; pink, peach, and green etc.

Tip 8- A Pinch Of Playfulness

We know weddings are not child’s play, yet all are obsessed with a child inside us. Cuddle the awe and liveliness of childhood, taking everyone on a wistful trip down the memory lane, with attractive streamers and balloons that will definitely add a knack of merriment to the proceedings of your glittering wedding day.

Tip 9- Advent Of LED And Crystal Pillars

Now, wedding decorations are not limited to the traditional and conventional ballyhoo of only flowers and rangolis. As per todays trend, modern grooms and brides are hurrying the zip factor even greater with electronic substitutes such as glowing LED columns to smart up the stage lighting in colors that blend fantastically with the locale and invoke a peerless sense of admiration among all the guests.

Tip 10- Add a magical touch with fairy lights

Since lights are the perfect backdrop for all your wedding pictures, event management Kerala will never go with wrong fairy lights. Opt for softer hues rather than harsh bright lighting colors to make your guests feel comfortable.

Tip 11-Extra points for the unconventional

Many couples moves away from the idea of a traditional wedding stage towards photo backdrops that suit their personalities in the last few years. Many decorators like cochin wedding planners are been supportive too.

Listen to a few ideas to mesmerize your guest by the wedding stage decoration in Kochi

  1. A combination of gold and white

This airy style of decoration is calming to eyes and emits a sort of fragility that you won’t find with any other color. Decorate the background with white flowers and golden satin drapes and ornament your seating bench in gold. For creating a  picturesque decor, a white seating with golden decorated pillar would help with.

  1. Team up Lights & Flowers

By using the right amount of flowers with the light you can decorate a center stage beautiful and attractive. If you are using light colored flowers, you might decorate the stage with drapes and curtains in some darker color.

  1. Royal Themed

Having a royal stage decoration for the wedding is a dream for most brides. Silver hues paired up with royal blue, bottle green, or the golden hues paired up with burgundy make for a perfect royal-themed wedding center stage decor. If you are planning to bring out the royalty from within then you can set up a royal look with pillars and arches.

  1. Satin Drapes Decor

To create a mythical aura drape are the best. For a picture, perfect moment is to set large flowy drapes in the background and a contrasting color seat on the stage. To make your style a talk, drapes are a classy choice and will be an intelligent one in colors say pastels. Make a perfect choice in drape color for seeking a glamorous look.

  1. Pink Themed Centre Stage

Pink is not at all a girly color in the sense of wedding decorations. While it is a nice one to go with. To bring a rustic view within your center stage you can pair up your drapes with ferns and white flowers. Event management Kottayam also considers the combination of white, mauve, and pink colors. Event management Ernakulam decorates the background by considering the color of the seat

  1. Ethnic Style

Equipped with lots of colors like pink, yellow, red, green, orange comes in the color palette that makes for an ethnic theme. Event management in Kochi decorates the entire stage area with marigold or hibiscus by leaving a swing for the couple in place of the seat. By keeping the exotic-ness intact this ethnic-themed center stage will bring out the warmth in the stage. Event management in Cochin even adds traditional props to coordinate with your decoration.

  1. Umbrella Style

For wedding decorations you can show your creativity with the umbrellas they are braces of this era. Dangle embroidered colorful umbrellas in the background. For a gorgeous look event management in Calicut use some regal color like white and fill them up with flowers and climbers.


This article provides you with a variety of tips to be followed before going for a wedding stage decoration. You can also make a chat with wedding planners like Scenario, to assist you further more.


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