Some Tips To Be Considered For A Haldi Function

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In our homes, turmeric or Haldi holds a special place of a respect in the Indian cuisine. Event management in Ernakulam comments that it has become very popular nowadays because of its medicinal value, healing property, and anti-inflammatory property. When it comes to Indian traditions it holds the most important place. This phenomenal ceremony has an entire ceremony to its name in Indian traditions.

Including Haldi ceremony, ancient texts possess a significance for every ritual that form a part of the Indian wedding. In this article event management in Kerala clear all about a Haldi function.

What really Haldi and Haldi paste is?

Haldi is the Hindi word for turmeric. In Indian cooking, Haldi or turmeric is a common flavour and also it is the signature ingredient in the Hindu pre-wedding event mainly in northern part of India. Event management in Calicut suggests it in different names like Ubtan, Tel Baan, Mandha, Haldi ceremony, or Pithi ceremony. For the bride and groom, it provides cleansing procedures like antiseptic, purification, healing, beautification, anti-inflammatory. The mustard yellow colour of Haldi symbolises a new beginning to the married life with full of happiness and prosperity. In order to prevent all evil spirits, the bride and groom are supposed to stay in the household after completing the Haldi ceremony.

Most commonly Haldi is found in powdered form. To apply on the bodies of both bride and groom it is necessary to convert the powdered Haldi into paste form for the function. Usually, Halsi is conducted just a day before the wedding or on the morning of the wedding day. This will be held in the respective houses of bride and groom because of its custom that the bride and groom are not allowed to see each other prior to their wedding ceremony.

Basically, a Haldi paste is prepared using the ingredients turmeric powder or Haldi, water, milk or rosewater, and sandalwood powder but this paste has a varied ingredient list due to personal regional preferences. The acrid aroma of Haldi fills the entire room and home with string yet refreshing scent.

How is Haldi Ritual celebrated?

With mango leaves, the paste is applied on five specific body parts of bride and groom by their relatives. The main body parts are hands, face/neck, arms, knees, and feet. During this function, the bride prefers traditional saree and groom wears kurta and pyjama. All family members will sing around traditional songs pertaining to the ritual at the time of the ceremony. For offering their blessings family members take turns placing a small amount of Haldi on the bride and groom.

In some parts of India, it is customary for the couple to apply a small portion of Haldi paste onto their unmarried friends and siblings in jape. It is a belief that whoever gets touched with this paste will find a good-looking partner soon. Event management Kerala will seek the help of family members to assist the bride and groom to clear off the Haldi from their face. Its effect will later bring a natural glow and purification for the couple.

Factors to be considered before a Haldi ceremony…

  1. Take a shower before the ceremony begins. Before the application of Haldi on to the skin the sweat and dirt from the body can be removed in doing this.

  2. Apply warm olive or coconut oil to the scalp and hair. This oil application will make Haldi from staining the scalp and also the Haldi can be removed while taking a shower.

  3. To prevent the turmeric staining from your skin apply a little lukewarm oil to your face, hands, and feet. If you possess a sensitive skin applying some powder will be quite useful.

  4. For providing a natural shine and scent to the body a lukewarm water shower mixed with rose water will be fine after the long Haldi ceremony.

  5. Since Haldi is applied to the skin desist from using any moisturiser or cream after taking a shower. Haldi, being a natural ingredient has all qualities to give your skin the much-fitting indulgence that you require before your wedding rituals.

Get some tips from event management in Cochin to make the Haldi ceremony quite funny…

  1. Instead of planning separately make it combined. Make a single Haldi package for bride and groom, this will be more fun and create awesome memories.

  2. Plan a yellow colour dress code for the bride and groom Haldi party to make it more interesting and colourful.

  3. Event management Trivandrum expand the Haldi ceremony to a Holi party with more organic colours and a smoke bomb.

  4. Not only colours set the background and entire Haldi celebrating area with kilos and kilos of flower petals.

  5. Plan some tricky and funny games with bride and groom just like kurta tearing ritual of the groom and giving them a Haldi bath.

  6. Getting customised badges for all those who attend the Haldi ceremony will be quite interesting.

  7. You can arrange photographers to depict the memorable moments what like wedding photography in Kochi does.

The significance of a Haldi ceremony in a wedding…

  • To keep the evil eye away

In Hindi, we say that Haldi is held to keep away Buri Nazar. It is still believed by many people in India that Haldi application is to ward off evil spirits from affecting the bride and the groom. Because of this reason, event management in Kollam will not allow the bride and groom to stay away from their respective homes after Haldi function until their wedding Muhurat. Bride and groom are given some amulets, red thread or any other items for protection against evil eye.

  • The colour is auspicious

In Indian traditions, turmeric yellow colour is considered to be very auspicious. Its colour exhibits in a life of prosperity for the couple, who are initiating off their new life together. Because of this same reason the bride and groom wear yellow clothes on their wedding day in many cultures.

  • For extra glow

Haldi was one among the treatments used in early days where parlours and beauticians were not available. With their own beauty treatments, the couples looked radiant and wonderful on their wedding day. For skin fair and glowing, Haldi was known for better.

  • As an antiseptic

To bless the bride and groom with blemish-free skin an application of antiseptic Haldi is relevant before the wedding. Before the wedding, it protects the couple from any cuts, bruises or ailments.

  • For body purification

In Indian traditions, Haldi holds an important place because it purifies and cleanses the body. Haldi is an effective peeling agent. Dead cells will be rinsed away from the face when you wash away the paste also it detoxifies the skin.

  • Drives away pre-wedding anxiety

Haldi is known to soothe some of the agitations that the bride and the groom feel apart from the property of cleansing, detoxification, and beautification. Curcumin (antioxidant) present in turmeric works as a natural remedy for a headache and a mild antidepressant as well. Therefore, Haldi is a very good way to relieve wedding day tizzy and worries. It also helps to soothe an upset stomach and also boost immunity.

  • Wedding training

This function stands as an indication of the wedding preparations. Event management in Thrissur arranges for this to make the bride and groom prepare themselves for their wedding. It also helps them to relax.

  • To help unmarried ones to get married soon

Are you sad about being late to get married? Don’t worry about attending a Haldi ceremony will help you with it. It is a belief that if you apply Haldi on your face in between a Haldi ceremony you will get married soon. Yes, if the bride or groom applies the magical turmeric paste o the face of their unmarried cousins, siblings, or friends it is strongly believed that they will get married soon.


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