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Incorporating months of planning and preparation ahead of the wedding day an Indian wedding is a big fat grand occasion. Planning requires proper attention right from start to end in every aspect of it. Designing an invitation card and its content is one of the important aspect of wedding planning. For Indians, wedding cards are not just a beginning of an auspicious occasion but also it has a religious significance. Invitation designing in Kerala make plenty of suggestions and provide different unique designs to their customers. Here are some tips to choose an ideal wedding invitation card:

How To Schedule?

You will get more time to scan the designs if you take it more early. Pluck the card as per your personal choices by comparing it with prices and get them printed at least two months before your wedding. Only if you make guests to know about the wedding the earliest they can make necessary arrangements with it, especially for those who are in outstation can arrange reservations for coming. Event management companies in Kerala specify that look will the prior thing everybody will be looking forward. A good planner like event management in Thrissur can make you the one you want to become.

What About Design?

A pleasant wedding card design works stunningly. Event management in Calicut makes your wedding design innovative, unique, and attractive. The bulk of options are available in traditional and western styles. Customized wedding cards are also available. Varieties of styles are available like cake box invitation, caricature style invitation card or video book invitation etc.

How To Choose A Colour?

To prevent bore look and to make your card lively and bright prefer a vibrant colour for your card. A single colour or two or more colours will go well with a wedding card. But remember not to spoil the card by choosing too much colours. To make it special event management in Kottayam offers perfect colour theme to your wedding card. Destination weddings in Kochi choose the perfect venue for a perfect wedding.

How To Fix Content?

Be precise with the words when you are writing something special. Use creative, attractive and presentable words in the card. Change the style of casual writing and add more colours and weight on your wedding card. Event management Kochi use their creativity on designing the content for a card.

How To Make A Comparison?

It is wise to compare with different available cards on different parameters like combination, colour, size, theme, and presentation before you choose a card. And finally consider paper quality, delivery, and uniqueness.

Check With The Top Trends Of Wedding Card

Event management Thrissur loves to research the upcoming trends that take place through entire wedding process. Every year along with old trends new trends pop up with unique patterns. 2018 is no different from that if you are looking for inspiration take a look at the most popular invitation trends listed below:

# A touch with water colours

Watercolour is the only method to achieve softness to the card. By the soft lines and colours, it automatically feels more romance. To make this trend work this need not be the pastel palette.


# A Touch With Acrylic

The awesome view of words is the speciality of acrylic. Both in traditional and modern style acrylic card is available. It has a high demand in todays wedding market because it makes for a true conversation piece.

# Moody Romance

To bring moody romance feel event management in Ernakulam takes bold format in wedding cards. Bold patterns and dark backgrounds really set the tone of moody romance. This bold style will certainly make an impression for wedding cards.

# Blind Letterpress

To create an impression this portion is pressed into a paper. The created impression is legible even in the absence of ink. This effect can’t be achieved with any other common printing methods and makes it so special.

# Laser cut Pocket

Without the use of scissors, laser cut is done with the help of an actual laser beam. The tiny cuts make it suit for some amazing patterns. From all patterns, this technique was a wow factor.

# Calligraphy and Handwriting

It is a computer replicated art form which saves a lot of money and time. This technique is absolutely flawless every time and which looks hand done. But in actual sense it is no more done with hand but actually looks like that and this is the actual beauty of this.

# Minimalism Designs

The key to a minimalist design is a clean design that is replicated in a different way throughout the stationery. Depending upon the artwork and your usage this can be sophisticated, trendy, or fun. A little touch can take it to a large impact. In the overall aesthetic a little touch goes a long way even it is a vine, swirl, wreath or line.


# Metallics/Gold foil

More than gold shine and shimmer is the rage and metallic of all shades and foils right now. It’s better to dress up the invitation and make a better a statement when you are coming to the spectacular wedding.

# Geometric floral and Greenery

This is the new trend of 2018. For a modern or minimalistic wedding this trend brings a hot look. With the offering of botanical touches, this pattern offset soft touch along with the bold and graphic aspect of geometric print.


# Added Embellishments

Hanging something like a belly sand, a wax seal, a jewel comes as this year trend which is taken to add personality, layer and textural interest.

# Monograms

Monograms have taken the world to new level in wedding cards. It was not considered much in cards earlier. But no this idea has been stolen to every aspects not only to wedding but also to personal stationery and cocktail napkins.

# Graphic + Geometric Details

In name of triangles, squares, and facets this fashion is being invited to wedding invitation. Bold lines used in this pattern will provide a modern feel and a bit of edge. To create an eye catching appeal event management company in Kollam mix some sort of graphics with this model. For non-traditional as well as a pattern-loving couple this kind of cards are perfect.

# Finding space for maps

Maps are found in most wedding cards now a days. Not only for richness but it has significant purpose when it comes to those who are not much familiar with all places. So this will help to orient the guests to the wedding destination. You can also add personal details like icons for ceremony, reception locales etc in the map. Interested couples can take this a step ahead by further creating an old-fashioned treasure map.


# Envelope liners

All stationery designers would have made fun with envelope liners. Guests will first notice the inner layer when they open the invite. Like a personal detail, wedding date, sketch of the skyline will be great to add finishing to the inner lines. Event management in Calicut pair it with coloured envelope to make it more eye-catching.


# Landscape

Painting or portraying is highly beneficial than writing thousands of words. Fit the images relating to your wedding in the card to make it more catchy and interesting.


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