Top 14 Dishes At A Malayali Wedding Sadhya

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Nothing can compromise a good Malayali Sadhya. It is embedded in culture, heritage, traditional aspects, and also rich in all vitamins and proteins. Usually, in Kerala, this is the unavoidable part of the bride’s family for the Hindu wedding. Ours is the state which blends with lots of beliefs, culture, and religions. Known to be a s God’s own country we have innumerable local customs and practices that mingle with the beautiful scenery and green landscape.

All most all states have different marriage practices and traditions. Today majority of people go for the wedding for food they do not attend for traditions. A Malayali Sadhya is the wedding feast served exclusively in Hindu weddings. Sometimes the wedding ceremony might be small but the feast consists of over 15-20 dishes. Another speciality is that all those dishes will be vegetarian.  

From left to right the dishes are served at traditional banana leaf in Southern India. Imagine you are sitting right in front of a Sadhya and check with the dishes served in the leaf.

  • Pickles and Puliyinchi

Usually, two types are being served on most weddings. One is the lime pickle and the other mango pickle. Chopped raw mango pickles seasoned with mustard seeds and chilli powder is what a mango pickle is. In a similar way seasoned with chilli powder and mustard seeds lime pickle too is made. A few prefer gooseberry pickle, garlic pickle, vegetable pickle, etc for their wedding by event management in Kochi to make it variety.

Puliyinchi is a sweet dish made with the combination of jaggery ginger, green chillies, and tamarind paste in the form of half chutney. Lime pickle is commonly known as Naranga Achar in many places.


  • Ethakka Upperi and Sarkara Upperi

Ethakka upperi or banana chips is served first in the leaf for Sadhya. Chips are common you buy in kilos from the shops to fill your leisure time. It is mildly spiced up with chilli powder and turmeric powder. Sharkara upperi is the sweet version of ethakka upperi. After cooling down the stubby banana chips they are chucked in the mixture of dried ginger powder, cardamom, jaggery syrup, cumin seeds, rice flour, and powdered sugar. During monsoon season event management in Cochin serve jackfruit chips also becomes a common ritual.



  • Pappadam

Kerala version of pappadam is made using lentils, rice flour, and baking soda. It is fluffy and bubbly appearance and crunchy in taste. It is always deep fried in fragrant coconut oil. It is an unavoidable element in all sort of sadhyas. Papad is a term used for North Indian pappadam, so it can never be used for ours because pappadam differs a lot from papads.


  • Olan

Olan is the best dish for those who do not like much spice. This milky white Olan is evocative of the Kerala stew. This is usually served with appams in many places. Green chilli, curry leaf, ash gourd, black-eyed beans this dish is simmered in thick coconut milk. Pumpkin is also used occasionally by event management companies in Kochi in this.


  • Thoran

This is served with most meals in households. Thoran is a very simple and important dish. With coconut shavings, mustard seeds, curry leaves and turmeric finely chopped vegetables are stir fried at a high temperature. To present a unique flavour this dish is added with grated coconuts.

  • Avial

This is the best known members of the sadhya family. A jumble of vegetables is cooked in ground coconut and curd pungent with coconut oil and curry leaves. This dish has mythological variations about its origin because it is supposed to have been invented by Bhima during their banish. The fiction suggests that when Bhima overtook the duties in the kitchen of Virata he never knows how to cook. So he chops up many vegetables and boils them together in a single pot. As a final touch, he tops up the vegetables with grated coconut. This dish is now very famous for event management companies in Ernakulam and is one of the favourite dishes of people in South India.



  • Pachadi and Kichadi

This is a curd based accompaniment which is similar to raita in many other parts of India. Pachadi and Kichadi are tempered with spices in coconut oil. Kichadi uses the only curd in it while Pachadi is the combination of curd and grated coconut. In both, Pachadi and Kichadi sliced and sauteed cucumber or deeply fried ladies finger are some vegetables used in it.

  • Parippu

Indians are in love with pulses and every meal needs to have dal. It perfectly rounds up a balanced diet. Accompanied by a spot of ghee the parippu curry is a dish made with yellow pigeon peas. Basically, event management Kollam serve this on the top of the Kerala style par-boiled rice or on the choru.


  • Sambar

Arguably sambar is the most important part of the sadhya. This is a very common dish in every Hindu’s home. No Hindu festivals go without a hot sambar. Usually, we dig a hole in the middle of the rice to provide space for sambar. The quality of this single dish is dedicated to the merit of the whole meal. Dal, onions, tomatoes, carrots, drumsticks, ladies fingers, potatoes, pumpkins, ash gourds etc are the ingredients added to sambar. Mustard seeds, dried chillies, and curry leaves are used to season sambar.

  • Kaalan

Event management Thrissur made this with yogurt, coconut and a vegetable like yam or plantain it is a thick Keralite dish served in Sadhyas. Its thickness distinguishes it from the similar curry Pulissery. It will last longer when stored outside the refrigerator. In addition to its signature, sour taste pepper and chillies are added to make it more spicier.


  • Kootu Curry

Served mostly for celebrations, wedding feast and festivals like Onam, Vishu etc Kootu Curry is considered as a traditional side dish for event management in Thrissur. Kootu Curry makes its way unique with the endless curries served in Sadhya with roasted coconut toppings. Kootu itself means a mix of recipes. Yam, pumpkin, plantain are the major ingredients used for Kootu curry. It is a slightly sweet non-spicy and a completely satisfying side dish that can be paired with steamed rice.

  • Rasam

It is an essential part of the whole meal. It is a spicy as well as tangy soup made using tamarind juice. Event management in Kollam season it using the chilli pepper, black pepper, cumin, tomato and many other spices. Along with any preferred vegetables, steamed lentils can also be added. Usually, for weddings, it is taken in a glass as a side drink. It add more flavours to the rice. This is the favourite among wedding sadhyas for many people.


  • Palada Payasam

Catering service in Kochi cook Palada with ada the delicate rice flakes and milk kheer tastes the best at large functions. Cooking for hours in large vessels in the fire wood ovens bestows this dish a splendid pink colour. Some add condensed milk in Palada payasam to impart colour, taste and texture.


  • Parippu Payasam

A sadhya is incomplete without payasam. Made of mung beans, lentils, jaggery and coconut milk Parippu payasam is a sweet delicacy from Kerala. Catering services in Kochi suggest the combination of pappadam or banana will go smoothly with payasam.

In a wedding, the meal usually ends up with a sweet banana. All the stomachs will be stretched up to the maximum capacities. A normal Sadhya will be treated with 24 to 28 dishes. It may extend from 24-28 to 64 variety dishes for large functions.


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