How To Plan A Perfect Beach Wedding

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Having a wedding in one location and afterwards, reception in another location is what the tradition we are following. But, this type of wedding pattern doesn’t work for many couples. Although there are many advantages in having a wedding and reception in one spot, still, in reality, placing wedding in a non-traditional venue that happens to open to the public is anything but breezy. Read everything you want to know when you are planning for a beach wedding.


  1. Stay free from big dresses

Usually, brides prefer large floor touching long train gowns for their wedding, especially for the reception. But in case of beach weddings, this wont be quite pleasing because it wont be easy to walk along the beach in long dress and photographers like wedding photography in Kochi and many more suggests long dresses won’t be easy in taking more photos in different attributes. Even though if you are choosing a large dress then make sure it can hustle easily.

  1. Think light

Event management companies in Ernakulam says dresses with lace trim wont be suitable in beachside because they will pick up debris from the beach. A lightweight fabric like charmeuse or chiffon can be chosen to allow your gown to flow in the ocean breeze.

  1. Nix the veil.

Think twice about a long veil when you are choosing a place outside your destiny. Wedding videography in Kochi supports beachside weddings as it founds to be more interesting than on-site wedding plans. But if the climate is windy long veil will be a nightmare for you and your photographer. Supplement yours do with fresh flowers or a fascinator.

  1. Consider an updo.

When deciding on a hairstyle think of all possible elements. Event management Thrissur suggests doing a trial run at your location. Wearing hair down is the best option suggested by the event management Ernakulam or else prefer a stylist who can do touch-ups throughout a day.

  1. Ditch the heels.

Wear flat-soled sandals or wedges to avoid mixing of sand and high heels. Also chose shoes that wont sink into the sands. Wedding venues in Kerala, especially beachside weddings depending upon the option you choose. Have an aisle runner made of fabric or thick flower petals to keep tootsies cool because at any time sands may become hot.

  1. Avoid tan lines.

Keep in mind about the sunburn and unwanted tan lines and plan some bathing suits accordingly for the bride, bridesmaids, and the mothers of the bride and the groom. If you are planning for a swim don’t forget to wear waterproof sunscreen.

  1. Let your guys go informal.

Event management in Kerala avoids using professional suits and shifted to lightweight cotton pants or even Bermuda shorts. As they are a great option for weddings at the beachside location.


  1. Remain Natural

If the background is amazing then dressing style won’t be much noticed by the audience. Avoid heavy styled dressing and focus on the natural beauty of the setting. Other than starfish, shells etc take inspiration from the harmonious colour palette of dune grasses, sand, stones and water. Avoid going over the top with hazy flowers and make the decor simple and attractive.

  1. Fix Colour

Event management companies in Kochi suggest colours that contrast the sand and the surf instead of blend in like corals, greens, and other vibrant tones.

  1. Go Local

Wedding management in Calicut advises hiring local vendors so that they will much familiar with the wedding locations. Look local caterers like catering service in Kochi who are meticulous of local markets and respectful of the beach environment.

  1. Get a Permit

If it is public, research the required paperwork to hold your ceremony on the beach. Investigate in progres about noise ordinances and be sure to follow them.

  1. Ensure Privacy

If you want general public in attendance, avoid functions on holiday weekends in beaches. Also, go with private beaches rather than choosing public ones. There might be many limitations on public beaches. Scenario wedding planners, the ultimate wedding planner Kochi suggest renting an oceanfront estate where we can easily schedule the ceremony and take photos.  

  1. Prepare Your Guests

Aware your guests about your wedding plans and destinations so that they could prepare for the sun by incorporating necessary items in the welcome bags. Event management companies in Trivandrum suggests that travel-size bottles of good quality sunscreen, towels, and hand fans beat the heat.


  1. Time It Right

Lighting is equally important for beach wedding photographs. Event management in Kottayam and many more others suggests ending the ceremony an hour before the sunset. So that great action shots can be set in natural lighting as well as sunset portraits.

  1. Set Up A Shoe Station

Set up a shoe station if it finds to be necessary dont let your guests spend their day with sand in their shoes. A shoe check which can swap their shoes for the flip-flop and wipe the sand off their feet should be provided. If possible include a bench, bucket of water, and towels.

  1. Provide Shade

Whatever be the event, the shade is always the best friend of all living beings. Event management in Thrissur considers a canopy to cover the seating area with rustic bamboos or loosely drape thin white fabrics etc.

  1. Offer Refreshment

Event management in Cochin set up a table with ice and water, lemonade or a signature cocktail so that guests can enjoy while waiting to start the ceremony.

  1. Have A Seat

Choose seatings which are heavy enough to withstand the ocean breeze such as folding chairs, waterproof ottomans, wooden benches etc.

  1. Prepare For Wind

There is a high possibility of things to blow away easily in winds. Weight them with shells or tie them to chairs with ribbons or print them on fans etc. Set it far before the function doesn’t make it the absolute last moment the guests arrive.

  1. Keep Bugs At Bay

Go for insect repellent irrespective of the season to keep the bugs away. Just make sure you are using a brand that wont stain your gown.

  1. Speak Up

Event management in Kollam suggests a wireless microphone and speaker for the officiant to use. Make sure your voice is heard beyond the crashing waves. Also if you plan with a DJ party then it is advised to check the sound prior to the ceremony in order to avoid unwanted feedbacks.

  1. Keep It Short

Consider the factors like audibility and heat and limit the number of performances and reading enhancing chances to all participants to take part.

  1. Have A Back-Up Plan

As this an outside beach party you should always be ready with plan B because the weather is completely unpredicted. Have a canopy or tent ready or find an indoor nearby place which can take care of everything.


  1. Anchor Decor

Consider wind for all outdoor arrangements. It can stumble tall floral arrangements, blow out candles etc so that stay away from glass equipment which may easily break. Event management Kochi use the florist secure them to the table with heavy objects such as lining the vases with ti leaves, palms or other natural elements, using hurricane-style lanterns or LED candles, which are flameless and long-lasting.

  1. Rent A Powder Room

In a public beach, you may not sometimes find bathrooms. If so hire an upscale portable lavatory for a few others because there will be lots of drinkings during the function.


If you have an idea then we are here to work for it. From a humble beginning of a wedding organizer we, SCENARIO reached to the present level of an event management company with an experience of seven years, operating from the heart of Kerala, Kochi. Fix your date within the budgetary limits without compromising the quality and aura of the event.

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