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The celebrations and ostentation sometimes start days before the event and still continue even after it. Kerala weddings are always a blend of tradition and modern. In Kerala, there is no shortage for entertainment programs. A traditional wedding has their own charm also event management in Thrissur incorporate their own ideas for gaiety and celebration. Meanwhile, the wedding ceremonies event management companies in Ernakulam brings out some entertainment for guests. Entertainment is a prospect that could be arranged everywhere. Entertainments filled with funny elements cherished for the lifetime can spice up the ritualistic moments. In most wedding events, friends and relatives of the bride or groom will take up the stage at least for a few hours.

Dont get worried about the budget while thinking about entertainment. Even simple and joyful fun events can definitely uplift the spirits of your guests. Since wedding functions are not limited to the particular age group it is wise to arrange games or some activities for all age group. It will be great to involve everyone in your big day. Event management in Kerala entertain ideas for your guests to enjoy and strengthen the happiness around you. In Kerala, different religions follow their own forms of entertainment such as Oppana will be chosen by a Muslim family for their entertainment whereas a Hindu family prefers for classical instrumental performance etc. Event management Thrissur mix with trendy ideas and your wishes to create beautiful events. If you are out of ideas here are a few ideas provided by event management Kochi which are commonly seen for Kerala weddings.


Playing fusion music lie is a great idea widely seen for themed destination weddings in Kochi and many more places. Depending upon the tastes of the audience the type of instrument can be chosen. Especially for destination weddings event management in Kochi mainly goes with soft and elegant musical instruments like the piano, saxophone, cello, violin etc.


In Kerala weddings, this is a much sought after mode of entertainment because this is the music from the live band. Event management Kerala prefers this type of program for destination weddings like beach or backwater resorts. Bringing to the romantic mood you can play special and your favourite band to your bride.  


It is a soulful and rich form among the entertainments. It was a universal as a tradition before but now it is fast becoming well-known in destination weddings. Sufi music would be a great option for a royal theme. To enrich the royal splendour of the event the circling dancers captivated in a prayer create a magnetizing and heavenly feel to the celebrations. It will certainly enhance the royal grandeur of the event.


Gracefully choreographed folk dances are yet another form of entertainment that keeps the audience engaged. Oppana, Thiruvathira, Margamkali etc are the famous folk dance forms in Kerala. Each and every religion has their own kind of art form, so research a little to find the dance form that suits your style. Find professionals to enchant you and your guests.


Parties are incomplete without Bollywood masti. Now professional dancers are available to crack the stage and rock the event with roaring performance of the latest bollywood hits. If you are not bothered about the budget then you can go for famous singers to take away the stage. Comedian stage shows, rap shows, DJ parties etc are all placed strategically in an official wedding ceremony.


The DJ music is the all-time favourite form of entertainment for any wedding. For any event, music keeps the spirit of the party to the maximum. To celebrate a wedding without shaking a leg is quite hard. With tons of mongers available in the market, event management companies in Kochi easily arrange to have this at your wedding. Although they are abundant in nature it is difficult to choose a legible one is a difficult task. It is advisable to take opinions from friends or relatives who have an experience in doing these. Before hiring a team check with their previous performances its quality expense etc.


If note fireworks then what? To make the event live fireworks are the best option you can go with. The event will be more grand and delighted when you incorporate it with more fireworks. Fireworks are available in wide variety from. Without sounds effects only enhancing colourful lights crackers are available in today’s market. You can select according to your wish and comfort. Always ensure safe security if you are going with fireworks.


Photo Mania is being seen all over the world. Wedding photography in Kochi and many other places welcome photos at every occasion because it is the only medium to note the occasion at some later time. Whether it be your wedding, birthday, engagement, anniversary, reunions, seminars, functions etc photo session is a must thing to happen. Only then we can trace valuable moments of our life at some later time.


If you notice your guests are interested in DJs and live music, then planning a karaoke will be a great idea. To enjoy the ceremony better arranging a karaoke podium looks exciting to your guests. This is an interesting way to alleviate the memories of your wedding at some later time.


Time has changed, along with adults kids too attend the party nowadays. We have seen in lots of parties that parents are struggling a lot to calm their naughty kids. So arrangements like bouncy castles will be great to attract the kids. It will add a great mode of entertainment in your ceremony especially it will be a delight for kids.


No one resists the chance to make your guests aware of your love story. How do you meet? How were you before your wedding? Set up slides or videos in a projector that will give a glimpse of both bride’s and groom’s life before they met. Manifest your wedding and your guests to pass their time while glimpsing at your pre-wedding life.


Event management Trivandrum organize games and activities to keep the guests entertained. A few funny games considered by the event management in Trivandrum are:

Sit-down and stand-up game: This game is played in a manner, first every member is asked to stand and afterward as per the directions each member will be asked to sit. Getting them with several questions like, if their birth month falls in a prime month sit down, if they wear a watch they can sit down etc.

Paper Dance: This is quite common in many weddings. This dance is aimed to place the feet within the paper. The paper gets folded at different intervals to make it smaller. It gets more fun when the paper smaller the couple is forced to dance on it by getting more closer. The couples who remain on the paper without stepping out will win the game. The last lady will be carried by her husband to win the game.

It is my wife’s: This game is quite interesting. Single items such as the purse, rings, handbags, watch etc of their wives will be arranged on the table. Husbands should recognize their wife’s belongings. Those who know well with their wife will take over the game.

Couple’s Quiz: Here husband and wife is placed in two different place and asked similar questions alternatingly. Finally, both the answers will be tallied. Fun awakes when these answers wont tally. These all are the fire ways to entertain your guests and make them remember for a long time.

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