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Flowers are the best to decorate your wedding venue. Use them to dress everything from pews to your cake. Traditional, as well as modern both, has its own uniqueness. Today, fresh flowers are used everywhere rather than plastic ones. Here are a few ideas to decorate your wedding venue with flowers:


This trend is nothing new but with fresh new takes on a floral focal point more and more brides are emerging in our society. Event management in Thrissur loves the vogue of fresh flowers in decorated jam jars and vessels. For DIY weddings it is perfect With colored ribbon or lace a pretty vase can be created out of an old jar. Wedding stage decoration in Kochi and many other places encourage metallic tins used for golden syrup just be sure to mismatch for a peculiar and assorted look. Mainly for garden theme weddings a mixture of fresh countryside wildflowers in placed in cream jugs to bring a trendy look. Daffodils, tulips etc are some of its examples that look amazing at vintage-inspired weddings.

Event management Kottayam consider a tall centrepiece with candles that look stunning supplemented with flowers for wedding arrangements in a condition that the guests are able to see each other while sitting across the table. Bright orchids are best to bring a simple impact to your wedding decorations.

Pew ends and aisles

In churches, pew ends might summon up images of old-fashioned arrangements. But flowers make a better approach to decorating your ceremony space in a modern approach. This is a kind of versatile decoration where you can line your alley with potted trees. Event management Ernakulam prefers butterflies for the summer season and fairy lights for the winter season. As a reminder of your big day, you can take back and plant the tree in your garden.

Cake Decorations

Designer cakes in Kerala use fresh flowers to decorate their cakes to make it more up to date the traditional sugar paste decorations. Event management in Kerala spread the cake with a few blooms on the top to bring a simple cake to life and some decorate each tier for the full effect. It is advisable to discuss your ideas with a good florist. To bring the more focal point to the cake it is good to decorate the table of your cake with fresh and beautiful flowers. Spreading the table with petals will bring a pretty look to your space.

Dramatic decor

Skys the limit for Scenario, wedding planners in Kochi when it comes to decoration. Its fantastic to see dramatic floral pieces in fairer venues. To bring a natural touch i is perfect to decorate the space with flowers. Large hanging from arrangement from the ceiling adds bulk greenery to your space within your flower budget. Twigs and branches are better to add finishing touches to your venue. Hanging pomanders is good for sunny seasons and spraying silver or white is better for icy winter weddings. Event management Kochi creates a summery, rustic feel using hops and corns.

Floral Wedding Arch

For destination weddings in Kochi and many more places, a stunning and amazing flower arch is made to say your vows. A well-decorated arch makes a great focal point and provides a luxuriant scene for the wedding photography in Kochi and many more places.

Let Flowers To Take Your Seat

The generously ornamented seating plan is perfect for welcoming your loved ones. Coordinating flowers with the color scheme and theme will provide a splendid taste of what is to come.


Today flowers are an integral part of weddings as they can express your personal style and creativity. But if you dont have any perfect plan it may sound to be a little daunting. You should be clear with color, budget, and style before final floral selections. Here are some tips to keep in mind that helps you get started.

  1. Make A Budget

When it comes to choosing a wedding flower this is the most important fact that should be taken into consideration. Around eight percent of their total wedding budget is spent on flowers by most couples. This will vary upon the types of flowers and the arrangements.

  1. Find A Wedding Florist

It is not an easy task to select the flower that blends your season, color scheme, budget. A right florist or the best wedding planners in Kerala can help you do all of that and more. Select a florist who can understand you better because they bring color to your life. Read their reviews and check their previous works before hiring a florist.

  1. Gather Inspiration

If you browse with the wedding floral arrangements you will feel a sense of like and dislike of flowers. This will help you to make decisions regarding the type, color, shape, texture that choose your wedding pattern. Also, get suggestions from friends, family members about the flowers they used at the time of their wedding.

  1. Know The Basics

It is not necessary to become an expert on wedding flowers but it is wise to make a bit of research before meeting the florist. Know about the perfumed flowers and choose accordingly. If you get to know something about the flowers you wont feel completely lost when your florist share their ideas about the arrangements.

  1. Use Your Color Scheme

Roses, tulips, dahlias, lilies, mums etc are a few flowers that come in most colors. If your wedding flowers dont match with the rest of the decor at least try to choose blooms that complement the color scheme. Consider the colors of invitation, attire, table linens etc and discuss it with your florist to find the closest possible match.

  1. Start with the bouquets

Bouquets appear in a majority of your wedding photos, so selecting a good bouquet is more important for a wedding. The florist can move on to other arrangements like boutonnieres, aisle markers, and centerpieces if you finalize the flower for the bouquet.

  1. Embrace Your Wedding Season

There is no rule that you must choose the flowers if they’re in season. But out of season blossoms will be difficult for the florist to arrange out of season flowers. Also, this will end up with a higher price tag.

  1. Match Your Wedding Style

Your wedding style should reflect the overall style of your wedding. Little creative can be made with your flowers if yours is an informal one. Bright pink daisies create a playful and peepy effect, lilies are timeless and elegant choose a style that matches your wedding theme.


Are you looking for stunning bouquets for your wedding? Here are some wedding bouquets here are some attractive bouquets you can opt with.

  1. Purple Flower

Purple looks stunning at any time of the year. It is best for the glamorous bride.

  1. Strawberry Ice

This is a combo of pink colored flowers which looks great.

  1. Something Blue

Something blue on flowers will look perfect for your wedding day.

  1. Modern Fairytale

Gold-tipped feathers and grey-blue eucalyptus are perfect for these kinds of bouquets.

  1. Ombre

This is perfect for supper fashioned brides.

  1. Sunshine Chic

This is perfect for the individual bride who dares to be different.

  1. Passionate Reds

Red is all about romance. This bouquet will bring a total romantic mood to your wedding.

  1. Foliage and Herbs

Herbs, foliage, and textured plant material are chosen by a few brides, especially for rustic weddings.

  1. Hollywood Glamour

This is an all white bouquet for all-white wedding theme. This elegant white flowers will keep the look chic.


  1. Enchanted Romance

Here the flowers are arranged with seasonal berries and fruits. However, the result is simply stunning.

  1. Classic Beauty

This is a traditional type of bouquet combining classic beauty with a modern twist.

  1. Brilliant Bling

Other than flowers incorporate other accessories to the bouquet. It is a wonderful way to honor the memory of loved ones missing from your wedding day.    

  1. Boho Botanicals

This bouquet will make you feel like a princess on the day.

  1. Peony Perfection

Peony is such a sought after wedding flower representing a happy marriage. This theme is delightfully feminine and looks so pretty.

  1. Bright And Beautiful

It is a bright and beautiful bouquet for brides. A perfect background can highlight the rich jewel colors of the flowers.

  1. Fiesta

This is a mix of spring and early summer flowers is a beautiful choice for modern brides. Berries and grasses give the touch of a ferocious wildness.

  1. Sweet Sensation

This is a combination of different type of flowers. Color, texture, scent all available in one bouquet is its specialty.

  1. Just Peachy

This brings a wonderful contemporary feel. For the brides who wants to stay on the trend, this is a wise choice.

  1. Tropical Delight

This is perfect for the sunshine themed wedding to add a touch of exotic to your great day. This looks great from every angle.

  1. Country Chic

From roses to hyacinths this loosely furnished hand-tied bouquet have a different mixture of flowers. Its a wise choice for an informal relaxed wedding.


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