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Without any strict rules, a typical Malayali wedding is a very simple and sweet event. Close friends and relatives actively take part in the numerous ceremonies. The customs are very simple. Horoscope is the prime player in decision making. This blog will narrate the complete rituals of a Malayali wedding.

Arranged Marriage Meeting

This is the very first step of a wedding. Boy and his friends or close two or three close relatives will visit the girl’s house. Only if they like each other further procedures will be done. A few relatives will visit the girl afterward.



Looking for Porutham of a boy’s and girl’s horoscope is the foremost step of every Hindu arranged marriage. Even though if the boy and girl liked each other, the wedding will be fixed only if an astrologer confirms the matching of both the horoscopes of the boy and the girl. When the stars are matched the elder member of the boys family will approach the family of the girl. If there is a broker in between, then he is responsible to bring each and every detail about the boy. After getting the node from the girls family the will inform it to the boy’s family. Next stage is the visit. If the boy and girl and close relatives approved the girl. Then a few members from the family of the girl will be asked to visit the boy’s house. The visit follows. Next stage is the fixing date for the engagement.



This function is named as Virunnu or Nishchayam. Also, the wedding date and Muhurtham will be fixed on this auspicious day. Engagement is the license for the boy and the girl to start their chat. As a token of marriage fixation ring exchange takes place on the engagement day. Relatives and friends of the groom will go to the house of the girl. For Hindu marriage, engagement function is held in the house of the girl. The Horoscope of the girl and the boy will be exchanged on this day. Girl’s horoscope will be handover to the boy’s uncle and the boy’s horoscope will be handover to the girl’s uncle. This all functions will be done standing before a Nilavilakku with 6 lighted cotton wicks accompanied with flowering coconut bunch on, betel leaves, areca nut and burning incense sticks. Valayidal is a new trend started nowadays by the middle and upper middle class. This means that the bangle will be put in the hands of the bride by the future mother-in-law or by the sister of the boy. Event management in Kochi helps you with your engagement arrangements.


Pudava Kodukkal

Pudava Kodukkal is done a day before the wedding. The saree and ornaments including jasmine flower that the girl should wear on her very next wedding day are given on this function. The very close relatives go to the bride’s house for this function.




This day both the bride and the groom will not eat any heavy foods until they tie the knot. On this day the bride will go to her dearest temple and gives offering and Niramala of Tulasi garland with a pray for a successful married life. Groom along with his family members as per the invitation number will arrive at the bride’s place. The groom will be honored with some sort of traditional rituals by the bride’s brother and the mother-in-law will shower raw rice mixed with Tulsi leaves on the groom’s head and the wife of the elder brother of the bride’s father will be holding the Nilavilakku. All the three will lead the groom top the Kalyana Mandapam. Scenario, the ultimate wedding planner in Kochi be decorated with flowering coconut bunch, betel nut, Kerala Nilavilakku, areca-nut, tender coconut, camphor, sandal paste, burning incense sticks etc. the Thalimala will be given to the groom by the bride’s father and the is directed with a direction by the priest to tie it. At the same time, tilak will be put in the forehead of the bride by the groom. The elder sister of the groom will help the groom to lock the chain properly. The bride is seated left to the groom and they make 3 times round in the Mandapam. There is a traditional typical music played by the Panchavadyam at the time the groom tie the knot. Exchanging garlands is the next step. The bride will place the garland first. After this, the father of the bride will handover the right hand of his daughter(bride) to the right hand of the groom in a belief that the will take care of his daughter lifelong. Some Vedas are chanted at this time by couples as well as father. After this, the groom will take the bride to encircle the Mandapam three times. The marriage rituals get over by this function. Finally, separate Dakshina will be given to the Poojari by the bride and the groom. Event management in Thrissur give specific instructions at right time.


Wedding Feast

A sumptuous meal is served after this. From nine to sixteen or twenty-two varieties, the meals are served in traditional plantain. The number of dishes will depend upon the budget of the brides family. Catering services in Kochi and many other places comments that a wedding feast will at least consist of 9-12 dishes including payasam.  



Wedding photography

Photography and videography are the two key elements which cannot be avoided in a wedding function. Wedding videography in Kochi suggest these are the memories that can be saved for future reference. Relatives and friends of the groom and bride will take photos with them. Also, as per the directions of the photographers bride and the groom take photos in different angles. Wedding photography in Kochi is one of the best photographers in Kochi


Welcoming bride in groom’s house

For each aspect, there will be a Muhurtham. The departure time of the bride and groom from the bride’s house will depend upon the Muhurtam. The same procedures will be followed in the grooms house too. Apart from the brother-in-law others areas that happened in the bride’s house. The bride needs to take up the Nilavilakku with right leg first into the house.



Reception is held by boy’s family. Variety of foods will be catered in this function. The wedding feast is a vegetarian dish whereas reception is a mix of all kind of food styles. Here also types of dishes vary as per the family budget. Photography and videography take place same as what happened in the brides house. A group of people ranging from 100-500 or more will come from brides family to function to take back the couple to brides house. Event management in Calicut arranges this whole function a great success.


Post wedding event

The groom, as well as the brides brother, will visit the house of the groom the very next day. Spending half a day they are they will return back to the house of the bride by evening. After 4-5 days the couples return back from the brides house to groom’s house. Sweets and various items like biscuits, halwa, banana etc and home appliances will be carried along with bride to groom’s house.


We all know dowry is a banned practice in Kerala. Now gold ornaments are considered to be the major part of the dowry. Other than cars and home appliances gold ornaments are given in huge amount as dowry. Dowry depends upon the wealth of the bride’s family. But now, gold ornaments has become a prestige issue.

Scenario wedding planners will aid complete support to your wedding events. We assure the best arrangements for your great day.

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