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Kerala foods had attained a reputable place in the esculent book of the world. Foods are the center stage of most the events. Whether the function is small or large but food stands ahead with most priority. Ranging from aroma, flavor, taste, and cooking style the food differs from fourteen districts of the state. Hindu, Muslim, and Christian each would have different traditional and distinct flavors of dishes according to their culture. Setting a budget is the initial step of every wedding. Every event management in Kerala provides the facility of catering service. You must make a list based on the number of guests arriving on your day. Nail down your budget at the start because a small careless can lead to the wastage of food. There will be different counters for different sections like veg, non-veg, starters, welcome drinks, biryani counter, deserts etc. Now let us see in detail about the dishes served during the reception of a wedding.

Welcome drinks

Variety fresh juice, mocktails etc are served at a typical wedding ceremony. This normally occurs at the time of reception. Nowadays receptions are completely colorful with a variety of events as well as foods. Mango, grapes, watermelons, lemon, orange, pineapple etc are some of the fruits used commonly in every wedding ceremonies. Event management in Thrissur welcomes the guests by providing a variety of juices. This is a must seen item in every function, regardless of the purpose of the event.



Food corners will be arranged with different sorts of food. If you a have a budget to afford a luxury reception then event management in Kochi and many other places are ready to set separate counters for different foods items. Fish finger, chicken satay, mutton rib, chicken nuggets, baby corn fry. Starters are the one arranged to serve before the main course meal. An entrance to the table is welcomed by setting starters like mentioned above.


Chinese counters

Chinese dishes are very much famous nowadays. We all love the flavor of Chinese dishes. Cuisines originating from the different regions of China has influenced many other cuisines in Asia, with modifications made to cater to local palates. Chinese tea, soy sauce, noodles etc and utensils like chopsticks are seen worldwide. Mixed fried rice, veg pulao, Hakka noodles, veg noodles, chili chicken, dragon chicken, Gobi Manchurian, chili gobi etc are the most common dishes used widely in every function.


Tandoor dishes

Tandoor dishes are optional. It is not a must item in every party whereas it cant be avoided completely. Event management in Calicut opts this choice as per the budget of the customer.

Butter Naan, Roti, Murgh Makhani, Chicken Tikka, Hariyali Tikka, Tandoori salad, Reshmi Kebab etc are some of the common dishes seen widely. This will add more flavors and color to the whole function.


Grill and fry

This is very common nowadays. This is the favorite among all foods especially they are the best for children. KFC’s, EFC’s are those two terms which make your mouth watering. This section consists of a variety of dishes. They are:

  • Fried chicken: This is deep frying, pan frying or pressure frying the pieces of broiler chicken that are battered. Chicken pieces cut at the joints made it different from types of chicken items. They are packed as crunchy and crispy.


  • Chicken chops: This is prepared by deboned chicken thigh or minced meat. This can be grilled or pan-fried. This is served with various accompaniments. Salt and pepper are used as the ingredients, ginger garlic paste and chili paste is often used to give spicy taste to the chicken. This is usually served as a snack.

  • Grilled chicken(Al Fahm): Al Fahm and grilled chicken doesnt possess any major difference in taste as well as in preparation. The only difference in grilled chicken and Al Fahm is the difference in marinades used. Chicken pressed in between the grill makes Al Fahm and this tastes better than grilled one. This is often seen in many wedding parties.


  • Chapathi: this is very common food seen not only in wedding functions but also in normal events, houses etc. Originating from the land of North India chapatis had evolved all over the world. Also, chapatis had become the staple food in many houses of Kerala. This has a high demand in functions too. They make a good combo with chicken recipes.


Seafood counter

Fish is the favorite of all Malayalis. Days turn to such a way that we cannot even imagine a day without fish recipes. Wedding reception too is made with seafood counter for those who love to explore the authentic taste of seafood. Some of the commonly used by event management Thrissur are:

  • Stall for Puttu and fish curry: This is a very common dish seen everywhere. Also, this is an all-time favorite for all Keralians. Regardless of age, Puttu and fish combo is a rockstar in food items.

  • Appam and Istu: This is one of the traditional food of Kerala loved by all. Veleppam, Palappam are the different names in which it is famous for.

  • Kappa and Meen curry: What we want other than Kappa and Meen curry? It is an authentic food of Kerala. Not only at wedding receptions, but it is also being served in many international restaurants too. Event management in Ernakulam comments that all sorts of people wish to opt a plate of Kappa and Meen curry.


Rice and Biryani counter

Chicken biryani, fish biryani, prawns biryani, fried rice, ghee rice etc are a few dishes opted by best wedding planners in Kochi in this section. Biryani is all time favorite. Today many varieties of biryani are seen in receptions. Other than Muslims and Christians weddings in Hindu weddings too biryanis had become very popular.

Other than chicken pork varieties, duck varieties, beef etc are other items seen in popular.



Something sweet after spicy food is mandatory for getting relaxed. Now deserts too come up with a different style, trend, and taste. Couples with kids can change the attention of their kids without getting distracted by providing them deserts. Today Ice creams are available in all possible flavors. Weddings are a collection pack for ice creams.


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