Destination Weddings in Kochi Kerala

Wedding, the big day in your life, We care for everything from the very beginning of your wedding plan, starting from your engagement day to the chaos in choosing the premier honeymoon destination.The bride and groom may be at an emotional stage in their lives and often overwhelmed by the huge duties they have.We promise to make your wedlock an elegant affair. It is not just a mere relationship between two individuals, but a special bond between two families. It should be a special blend of customs and rituals and should also be filled with fun factors.

You have successfully found your soul mate and made the most crucial decision in your life. All that left is a great celebration. For making the most awaited events in your life come true, reach us at the ultimate wedding planners in Cochin, Scenario Wedding Planners. Very warm welcome to the prompt and passionate celebration of your glorious moments at Scenario,which is the number one wedding planner in Cochin.Were here to make your special day a splendid one which sets the tone for you as you are starting a lifetime journey of affection and love.

We offer a wide range of services and packages for our esteemed clients.

  • Invitation Designing – One stop solution for wedding invitations designing in Kochi. We provide with you an exceptionally high quality printed wedding cards to make your event splendid. Customized unique designs are also made available on demand.Being a part of your wedding invitation is being like your family member. With so glad, we are ready to get our family function done in the most fabulous way.


  • Wedding Design and Decor – Innovative and creative ideas to yield a dazzling experience for your lovely special guests. Designs which suites your elite family elegance and we conceptualize your wedding as per the requirements and budget.Theme based weddings are emerging trends in this industry


  • Stage Specials - Wedding reflects the prestige of bride, groom and their families.From the very first entry itself, we accompany the royal couple with music and trendy arrangements which makes a new festive mood. We ensure the best stage decoration in Kochi and provide you with the artful stage theme decorations with a fabulous blend of colour combinations matching the venue that attracts the audience.  


  • Designer wedding cakes - We bake you the best designer cakes in Kerala which personalize your taste and flavour. A cake cutting ceremony is usually held as a symbol of good luck and prosperity for the couple and all the invitees, let it symbolize your charmness and may your occasion cherish with long-lasting memories. We will find a stylish and seasonal wedding cake which is surprisingly simple.


  • Website and Social Media - In this hectic world, social media plays an important role even in our daily life. We the best wedding planner in Cochin can avail you the best web specialist to design you a custom made wedding website with personalised information from the couple with guest details, photographs and live streaming options.


  • Beach Weddings - Ensures you the most beautiful beach weddings in Kochi, which borders the Laccadive Sea.Scenario, the wedding planner in Bolgatty Palace have high spaced amenity to place the function in islands. For those who prefer wedding reception in an open area, beach weddings are the ideal one.


  • Hospitality - Food is the ingredient that creates the fondest memories when gathered around the table.Our chefs crafts the delicious food that tempts everyone.


  • Transportation - No worries about transportation, our team will assist your family and guests. We will arrange you the best class travel in style. Let the royal couple be the huge fashion style statement of the day in a vintage car.


  • Wedding Venues - We can arrange you an array of venue ranging from the high to the budget level and will address your style preference. We are the most favoured wedding planner in CIAL. The ambience of the place along with the environment deals with the location chosen for the event. We assist you in deciding the venue


  • Destination Wedding - We offer our expertise in planning your dream wedding anywhere in Kerala as you desire. God’s own country is a glorious setting for the wedding event with exotic locations. Diversity in landscape makes our state the best spot for wedding. Come and make a deal with the destination wedding in Kochi.


  • Shopping Assistance - We know the perfect places where you will get the perfect pairs of every article for the perfect pair of the couple and their family. So we can ensure the best wedding shopping assistance in Kochi. It starts with the bridal jewellery and accessories and even honeymoon shopping. Our team will make you able to shop in an economical and time saving manner but with an extra ordinary detailing of things bought.


  • Entertainment - There is no greater entertainment than an elaborate kerala wedding. We can cast the best wedding entertainment in kochi. Well versed performance of celebrities can be made on demand. Let your marriage ceremony be a royal wedding and sprouts a marvellous deal of time.


  • Wedding favours - Make sure that your guests have given some special gifts in return for their valuable presence and blessings  on your wedding. We can gratefully address us, as the most trustful wedding favours in kochi.·Like our culture considers the guest as a god, we do follow the same motto for your wedding.


  • Wedding surprises - Unexpected moments are always sweeter and those are the greatest gift which life grants to us.With our well-connected network, we are able to send gifts across the world.May you can shower the happiness to your dear one who is far apart.


  • Photography - To capture and preserve your awesome moments our team of professional wedding photographers are there to provide you the best in the industry. The events are also picturised in fascinating locations to make it much prettier.  We are sincerely entrusted to create your long lasting memories. You have been planning all the minute details of your wedlock harmony. So it will be a good thought to make your photographer get some pre-ceremony time while you are getting ready for the day.


  • Videography - We provide you with the best wedding videography in kochi. Our enthusiastic team is invariably engaged in maintaining high quality visual experiences to our clients.Our talented and creative videographers have an amazing eye for the moments.They will  make your love,live and everlasting with the same fragrance.


We have an extensive knowledge in working with the wedding industry, backed with experience and have a vast pool of joyful families alongside sharing their joy and happiness with us. Passion and care for your joyful occasions motivate us to give you the ideal services according to your need. We are also at your ease to listen to your desires and anticipate your unexpressed wishes.We are very excited to receive your invitation and hear you. Let us spend some time together to organize the big day and may you spend your special time with your closest friends and family in a relaxed manner. We proudly ensure you our friendly and timely service within your aforesaid budget.

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