Destination Weddings in Kochi Kerala

Getting married was the best thing I ever did in my entire life. I was suddenly immersed in immense happiness and words can’t express my feelings up to the core. I never would have believed that an entrepreneur with shaggy hair and an appealing smile would come into my life. I can’t believe that I could find a man who would remind me every single minute to dream bigger and to open my heart to the possibilities of this beautiful life and make life much prettier than ever.

The moment our families decided to unite was breathtaking. New house, new relatives everything seems to be different from what I had since then. I was really stressed to enter into a new life, about which I have no idea. Everything in the future is uncertain. Like conquering all that life put in our way, We decided to grow together.


The preparations started before a few months. The first thing to decide was the engagement venue. We have to choose one which accommodates our preferences and should be convenient for our  friends and relatives. And a royal ambience should be created with a proper design and decorations. Also demanded a team of photographers and videographers to capture the most beautiful moments in our life. And ordered the most delicious kerala sadhya from the renowned caterers.

I have to get my pre-engagement beauty treatments before one week. Me and my fiance decided to get dressed in the same design and colour. We opted red, the symbol of love for our engagement dress. Accessories were also matched up with this. And the engagement venue and even all the participants were set with the theme like ours. The most important element of the engagement day was the wedding ring. We believed in the purity of gold like love and bought couple rings.


The first step to our new life. Everyone was excited to see the soon-to-be husband and wife. We have entered into a never-ending relationship with all the blessings and wishes from the two families, friends, and relatives.


The hurry burry engagement day made my family entrust my wedding with the best wedding planner in Kerala. We traversed through a list of event management companies in Kerala. We had 8 months to plan and make necessary arrangements for the big day but we wanted it to be a royal wedding and demanded the best of everything. Among the different alternatives, we chose Scenario, the ultimate wedding planner in Kochi.


Preparations before the wedding

Invitation to the celebration of love - Scenario, which is the number one wedding company in Kerala provided us with the unique designs in wedding cards and perfect wordings with the best content. They created an invitation enclosing the picture of the beautiful moment we had together.


Venue and related essentials - Only the venue was our suggestion based on the location. Since it should be convenient for both families and friends. And Scenario, the Kerala wedding planners assured us the other amenities like food, decoration, transportation and all other things to be done.


Bridal Makeup - We were very pleased with the service of the beauty parlour who done my engagement makeup and we entrusted the bridal makeup with the same parlour. A month before my wedding all the premarriage treatments were started with due care and importance. I have done some facial treatments like vegetable peeling, facials and get my hair done with henna and spa. And also had some treatments for extra glow.


Photography and videography - Scenario, one among the best wedding event management companies in Cochin had a team of professionals to capture our most awaited day. They made each moment to a visual treat forever as an evergreen view that may bring back every moment in future as lively as on that day of importance. The wedding highlights they made was really splendid and got many good reviews.


Wedding Eve

The very busy day before marriage. Wedding rituals start from that day itself. The prime program of the day is blessing ceremony termed as ‘Dakshina’. And then the entertainment began with ‘Haldi’. I was literally immersed in turmeric paste as a symbol of prosperity. ‘Sangeeth’, the other entertainment. These all were new trends of marriage functions.

Wedding theme started from that day itself. Everyone wore yellow dresses matching with the haldi function. And our house was decorated with yellow illuminations and a perfect blend of colorful flowers. I could feel the fragrance even now. And a great feast after that comprising multi cuisine.



The big day of my life. Filled with many dreams and expectations and I was a little tense. In the royal bride look, I went to the temple and waited for my fiance and his family to come. Every eye was on me. And became the center of attraction.

After a few minutes of waiting, the came, the charming groom.


We were knotted with the chain of marriage. Thalikettu was the main ritual on that day and then we went together holding hands to the venue. We were really amazed to see the whole setting Scenario, Kochi wedding planners had made for us. It was really an extravagant place to be with.


We, the newly wedded couple were served with sweets to share the love between us. All the moments were captured by the provides of best wedding photography in Kochi.


And a Kerala feast is made by the renowned catering service in Kochi with 18 dishes and 4 desserts. All who made the wedding beautiful with their presence appraised the fabulous feast.


In the end, we realized the beauty of love. The love we take each other is the love we get back. Hoping for the best we started our journey together. And also had a one-month backpacking trip all over India.

I sincerely express my gratitude to Scenario, event management in Cochin for all their well-versed services. And I loyally recommend their services to everyone.

Who are they?

As a trendsetter, Scenario has constantly shared the responsibility of their clients spreading the fragrance and warmth of hospitality all around. This brought them from a humble beginning of a wedding organising company to the present level of an event management company of repute, over a period of seven years, operating from the heart of Kerala, Kochi. Theirs is a team of experts who ensure strict adherence to international quality standards with prompt execution of each event as an ultimate celebration of the glorious moments of your life. All this within the prescribed budgetary limits which are economical and do in time without compromising the quality and ambience of the event. They offer a wide range of services including invitation designing, wedding design and decor, stage specials, designer wedding cakes, website, and social media, beach weddings, hospitality, transportation, wedding venues, destination wedding,

shopping assistance, entertainment, wedding favors, wedding surprises, photography, and videography.

Now, sit down with your better half and discuss your ideal wedding to make sure youre on the same lane. Prepare a budget. Start planning the invitee list. Decide on an approximate number of guests - this may impact your choice of venues. Look for available wedding dates - check it with the convenience of important guests to avoid clashes. And make sure you have arranged everything before one month of the wedding. Happy Wedding.

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