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Every individual is at cloud nine when they choose the one and decide to get settled with their special him/her for a lifetime. All of us are not that lucky to meet that someone special. But the moment you decide that he she is it for you, life is changed forever. Now there is someone with whom you can share your feelings, dreams etc. Marriage is the ceremony where you want to celebrate the relationship with your special someone.

Pre-wedding tips and trends

Before the commencement of wedding, there is something called the pre-wedding preparations that need to be done a month or a few months before your wedding. These ceremonies are equally important for both the bride and the groom. Best wedding planners in Kerala insist on pre-wedding planning as it is good to be prepared prior to the actual date of the ceremony. Here are some of the tips for the pre-wedding planning:

  1. Ideal Venue

One or two months before the wedding make a list of all the places you like to have your pre-wedding for wedding ceremonies. Have discussions with your partner and then with both of your families. Decide on one option and book the venue then and there itself without delay. If you leave it to later then you will have to rush with everything.


     2. Best wedding planner

A Wedding planner can help you deal with all the essential events related to pre-wedding ceremonies. From pre-wedding photo shoot to all the main ceremonies of your wedding like Haldi, Mehendi etc. After all to make your wedding the best a little help from the expert is essential. They decide the wedding venues in Kerala which are exceptionally beautiful and less expensive.


      3. Perfect attire

Plan on what to wear for your wedding and pre-wedding ceremonies. Even though most event management companies in Kerala provide assistance in pre-wedding to wedding shopping. You are the one who decides what to wear. Go through different brochures and jot down the designs you like and finalize it as soon as possible to avoid last minute rush.



4. Pre-wedding Bridal beauty

The bride should begin her beauty treatments at least a month before the wedding. Most wedding planners in Kerala suggest that the bridal beauty treatments should begin 1-2 months before the wedding and all the treatments like skin whitening, hair styling like straightening, smoothing to be done months before the wedding as it takes time to set. Best wedding planners in Kerala suggests that last minute treatments create hurdles while getting ready for the big day.


5.The Theme of the wedding

Make sure you choose your wedding theme according to the venue you choose. Because wedding theme should intermingle with the venue. If the venue is simple and your theme is too grand then it will look too contrasty. Try to coordinate between the theme and venue. Best event management companies in Cochin ensures that the themes they choose for each wedding is unique and it coordinates with the venue


   6. Invitation Designing

Immediately after date and venue of your marriage is fixed next thing is to print official invitation informing the same. You have to decide on wedding invitation themes. Make sure you choose simple and elegant designs for your invitation. It has to be attractive and unique too. Invitation designing in Kerala has become more simple and they are customized according to your choice.


  7. Transportation facilities

Transportation to the venue depends upon the type of location you choose. No matter where your location is, book transportation facilities if needed in advance. But nowadays most wedding planners in charge of the event book the venue and handle the transportation facilities. All you need to do is provide the necessary details to them regarding the number of guests to be escorted to the venue. Many event management companies of Thrissur are providing transportation facilities to the next kin and family members to the venue.


 8. Music for the wedding

Music plays a major role in a wedding. Make a list of song that you and your partner like and finally jot down the best among those songs. It is ideal to choose your song for the wedding weeks before your wedding as it will reduce the last minute stress to choose the right one. If you are planning to have a band perform at your wedding make sure to choose the best. But if you have hired event management for your wedding they will arrange for the best wedding entertainment. For instance, a professional team of a wedding planner in Kerala can arrange the entertainment facilities that you want for your big day.



Apart from these familiar wedding tips, we can also make our wedding more memorable by doing these pre-wedding events. Even though they are adopted from other culture and mingled with our culture the traditional ceremonies are not harmed:


Pre-wedding event trends

Before the wedding, there are many pre-wedding ceremonies which differs from one religious tradition to another. Pre-wedding events can make your special day even more special. There are a few new trends in pre-wedding events which you can try and make your wedding day spectacular. They are:

  • Pre-wedding photography

Many of us know about photography done during the wedding, reception. But there is something called Pre-wedding photography which is a common phenomenon now in Kerala. Beautiful picturesque locations where you can capture the essence of the location and your loving moments in the same frame would be ideal.


  • Custom hashtags

In the current age where social media plays a very crucial role in our lives. A new pre-wedding tradition as it can be described. Both bride and groom can create their custom hashtag that their friends and relatives can use to post pictures related to the event. This is an excellent way to add a personal touch to your event.


  • Unique Mehendi styles

Although adorning Mehendi is part of our traditional marriage. Designs of Mehendi have changed from the usual style to new modern and more simple designs. Brides opt for more exquisite designs that highlight their love story.


  • E-invites and save the dates

E-invites have also become common now as people prefer informing through emails rather than personally being there in all the places. Many couples send e-invites to their friends and family who are located in far places.



  • Sangeet ceremony - A pre-wedding event in Kerala

Earlier in Kerala, there were no dance celebrations before the wedding. Now here in Kerala, we can see bride and groom grooving steps to peppy music. DJ music for dance party are all the latest trends in weddings here.


  • Classy decor

From the welcome path to the interior of the wedding halls are designed in style and with par excellence to make the venue look beautiful and one of a kind. Event management in Kerala has helped in transforming the appearance of most of the wedding locations into classy and elegant.


  • Variety cuisines

Apart from traditional sadya, people are choosing cuisines from other countries like Arabic cuisine, North Indian cuisine etc. Best catering services in Kochi provides an amazing experience at the wedding by their excellent hospitality services.

Bridal showers

Few days to the wedding or a month before the same bridal showers are given to bride to be by the maid of honor. A tradition usually seen in foreign countries has become a popular trend in Kerala as well.

Hence these are some of the latest trends that we have incorporated in Kerala weddings. We follow the current trends without hampering the traditional customs is what makes our weddings more unique. Make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips about planning your wedding prior to the due date. This will make your special day which comes only once in anybody’s life most memorable event. Also, choose the finest wedding planners in Kerala.


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