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A Wedding is a special joyous occasion where not only two people but also their families unite in a bond for a lifetime. It is the most important day in one’s life which happens only once. Traditional wedding rituals differ from one culture to another and from one state to other. As we know there are two types of wedding traditions in general South Indian style and North Indian style. Also there four different south Indian traditional wedding. Each tradition is different from one another and unique. These are the four south Indian traditional weddings. Prominent wedding company in Kochi provides facilities for any type of wedding style whether its Kannada style, Tamil style or Telugu style.

  1. Kannada or Kannadiga style wedding

Kannada or Kannadiga style wedding is like any other South Indian wedding style simple and unique with various set of rituals. A traditional wedding style we can see in Karnataka lasts for a week with pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals. The wedding commences with pre-wedding rituals like:



  • Nischay tambulam

This ceremony is where the family fixes the date of the marriage. Another pre-wedding ceremony is the Haldi where manjal is applied to both the bride and groom.


  • Kashi yatra

One unique pre-wedding tradition in Kannadiga wedding is the Kashi yatra tradition where the groom acts like the is leaving for Kashi to find a prospective bride. It is the maternal uncle of the groom who stops him from going by telling him that his prospective bride is already here.


  • Devkarya

This ceremony is done just before the groom leaves for the marriage by going to temple. They present the main thing used for the marriage ceremony to Ganesha to get his blessings and start the new beginning without any hurdles.


Wedding costumes

Kannadigas are traditional when it comes to wedding attires. The groom is dressed up in white veshti a typical south indian style with a white kurta or sherwani. The groom has to wear a matching white scarf with the veshi called Angavastram. He also has to wear head accessory called Mysore Pheta which can be in white or orange. The groom has to carry a stick in his right hand which is to be blessed by the priest in a temple before the wedding. Similar to the groom the bride also comes their traditional wedding attire which includes; 9 yard long saree, maangtika and green glass bangles. In Coorg a district in karnataka the bride is draped in goregious brocade saree in typical kodagu style.


Wedding rituals


Kannadiga wedding rituals are simple and unique in its own way. Like pre-wedding, they have a few wedding rituals which are followed by both the bride and groom and their families. They are:

  • Mandap pooja

The pooja of the mandap where the wedding will take place is done before the commencement of the wedding rituals to get the venue blessed by almighty.


  • Var pooja

Groom is considered as equivalent to lord and his pooja is done by the bride’s family. Mainly by the father-in law.


  • Jaimala

Jaimala or exchange of the garlands is done by both bride and groom only after the face curtain that is kept between them is removed. It is the sister of the bride who covers the bride’s face with a peacock feather and then the cloth is kept between the bride and groom. There are some poojas before removing the cloth and then the garlands are exchanged.


  • Dharehedru

This is the kanyadaan ceremony in kannada style.


  • Saptapadi

Otherwise known as seven steps is very important tradition in their wedding where the bride and groom take seven steps around the holy fire. This signifies the husband and wife’s promise to live together for seven future years .



2. Tamil Nadu or Tamizh style wedding

Tamil Nadu is known for its traditional people who are extremely conservative and stick by their traditional values. Their weddings are no exception. They also follow various rituals and they are a lavish affair. They are sacred and unique. Here are some beautiful tamizh pre-wedding rituals:


  • Panda kaal muhurtham

Wedding functions begin with panda kaal muhurtham which takes place a day before wedding. Both the families of the bride and groom pray to god for an uninterrupted wedding.


  • Sumangali prarthanai

This ceremony is basically for the bride who is blessed to have a harmonious and prosperous married life ahead. The bride wears a 9-yard saree for this function and there is a pooja and then the bride is given a feast served in banana leaf.

  • Pallikai Thellichal

This is another important ceremony in the Tamil wedding where 9 types of grains are mixed with curd and filled into 7 earthen pots decorated with Chandana or sandalwood. The filled pots are then immersed into water to feed the fish. It is considered auspicious for the journey of the bride and groom ahead in life.


  • Nandi srardham

Nandi srardham is a pooja done by the groom and the bride’s family to invoke the blessings of their ancestors. This a Tamil brahmin tradition where 10 brahmins for an authentic South Indian feast by the families of the bride and groom. They give fruits, paan supari to the Brahmins and also provide them with new veshti angavastram.


  • Nichayathartham

This ceremony begins with a pooja performed by the bride and groom’s family. The groom’s family gives gifts and dress along with ornament to the bride. Both of them then change to new clothes gifted by their family.

  • Lagna pathirikai

After the engagement, the wedding date is officially announced to the guests by the priest. This the wedding is confirmed.


After the pre-wedding events there are a few wedding ceremonies that are elegant and beautiful they are:

  • Mangala snanam

It is a traditional ritual related to the bride


  • Gauri pooja

Once the bride is ready she performs mata Gauri pooja who is considered as the goddess of purity.



  • Kashi yatra similar to Kannada wedding

This ritual is similar to the Kannada wedding style where the groom acts like going to Kashi and the father-in-law stops him from going and fixes the marriage of groom and bride.


  • Pada pooja

In this ritual, the mother-in-law of the groom washes his feet before the bride is called upon to the mandap.



  • Malai mattral

Malaimattral or garland exchange between the bride and the groom 3 times so as to begin with their holy matrimony.


  • Oonjal

After the wedding, the married ladies offer milk and banana to the bride and groom while they are swing slowly on the specially made swing just for them. Rice balls are thrown around them to ward off bad omen.


  • Kanyadanam

This is where an emotional moment of every father’s life to give away their daughter hand to the groom


  • Muhurtham

It is the ceremony where the groom applies sindoor to the bride’s forehead to complete the wedding.


  • Saptapadi


Like the ritual in kannada wedding but only difference here is the bride’s big toe of her feet are held by the groom and the keeps her big toe on the grindstone in 7 steps. The completion of the seven steps signify that their bond is strong as rock.

3. Telugu style wedding

The telugu style wedding is strictly based on the age old customs and conventions. It is for this reason that their wedding style bears resemblance to Hindu and Tamil wedding. The most important aspect of their wedding is that the bride is given more importance in every ritual.


Pre-wedding ritual in Telugu wedding

Unlike other south Indian weddings, there are pre-wedding rituals in Telugu traditions as well. Their rituals more traditional and according to strict customs. Some of the rituals are:

  • Muhurtham

The first and foremost ritual of telugu wedding is muhurtham where the time for the wedding is decided.


  • Pellikuthuru


This is the ritual where the manjal is applied to the bride along with oil and then she gets freshen up and ready for the wedding.


  • Snathakam

Snathakam is the ritual where the groom wears silver thread as per their custom.

  • Kashiyatra

Similar to kannada and tamil nadu wedding telugu wedding has kashi yatra ritual where the groom is supposed to go to kashi and here the bride’s brother brings the groom back and sets alliance with his sister.

All the wedding rituals of the Telugu wedding is similar to that of kannada and tamil wedding like:

  • Gauri pooja by the bride

  • Padapuja where grooms feet are washed by the brides father

  • Cloth between the bride and groom during the main wedding ceremonyand

  • Saptapadi where the bride and groom take 7 rounds around the holy fire.


4. Kerala style Hindu wedding

When we come to kerala there are less traditional, and unlike other south indian weddings here people are not strict traditional. Event management companies in kerala or wedding planner are given charge for deciding how their wedding event will take place apart from a few traditions like :

  • Setting muhurtham

Deciding the date of the wedding takes place only with the presence of their family and their family astrologer who  will finalise the date according to the compatibility of nakshatras of the bride and groom.

  • Engagement

After the muhurtham ceremony comes engagement ceremony where bride and groom exchange rings in the presence of a few close family and friends


  • Pre-nuptial blessings

A day before the wedding the bride and groom take blessing of their elders by touching their feet.

Pre-wedding events

Before the wedding and after the engagement there are some pre-wedding ceremony where wedding planners in Kerala play an important role.


Pre-wedding photoshoot

There is a pre-wedding photo shoot of the bride and groom at their desired venues. Event management companies in Ernakulam ensures that both the beauty of the location and the couple is captured in sync.


Haldi and Mehendi ceremony

As per the traditional Hindu wedding there is not haldi or mehendi ceremony but in recent past many people in kerala have started to follow this tradition and best event management companies in cochin creates an amazing atmosphere for the same.



Wedding rituals

Wedding rituals of kerala hindu wedding is very simple. Unlike the other south Indian weddings we have less rituals. From booking the best venues in Kerala to organizing the main event is taken care  by the best wedding planners in kerala.

Hence people who prefer a change in their wedding traditions can go for a different style of wedding like Tamil wedding style or Kannada wedding style with the best support from the ultimate wedding planner in cochin.


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