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First of all wishing you a fabulous journey of a joyful life. Scenario, the ultimate wedding planner in Cochin, is here to assist you in every need on your big day. Oh goodness, you are about to enter into a new life. Every girl will be having some dreams about her wedding. It should not be just a day celebration. The tenderness should last forever. With all prayers and blessings, you are going to have a happy life of being with someone who is ready to accompany you with all your joy and hardships. Scenario, which is the number one wedding planner in Cochin is about to give you the heavy dose of bright colours to the big day of yours. Have you planned enough on the itinerary of your new journey? We know very well that you may be having much chaos. No need for worrying. You are right here at the one stop solution for all your wedding needs. Scenario, the best wedding planner in Kochi can provide you with every service you expect from us like one of your family members. We had an idea to give you something more informative than generating wedding plans. So today we are here to give you an idea about the importance of thaali in our culture.

Like the diversity in Indian culture, our marriages also have a variety of rituals and beliefs across the nation. Let it be north Indian or south Indian, the main ceremony of every Indian marriage is the sacred custom of tying the thaali. It is named differently in each region, but the belief regarding the same is identical with every Indian culture. In the southern parts of India, it is called as the thaali or thirumangalyam, whereas people in the north termed it the mangalsutra.It is worn as a symbol of marital solemnity and purity.

Different meanings of thaali

Thaali or minnu of Keralites - Thaali in the shape of a leaf or bearing the design of a leaf is commonly used by Hindus, Christians, and Muslims in different parts of the state. Varying with the cast and creed its design may have slight differences in size shape and pattern. Some may have the design of ohm on the thaali and the Christian community usually have a cross on their minnu.

Thirumangalyam of Tamilians - Normally, the followers of Lord Shiva have 3 horizontal lines and the followers of Lord Vishnu have 3 vertical lines in their thali patterns.  However, the establishment of the caste system categorized the design for the thali in Southern India.

Mangalsutras of north Indians - A mangalsutra is generally a black and gold beaded necklace with a gold or diamond pendant. The word mangalsutra can be interpreted as sacred thread or cord; as mangal means fortunate and sutra means thread or cord. The black beads are held to depict the many strands of emotions that go into making up a bond between husband and wife. The mangalsutra is also appraised as a power to bring good luck to prevent the evil eye. Each black bead is considered to have divine properties to absorb all the negative vibrations and safeguard the marriage of a couple, principally the life of the husband.

Believes regarding the sacred gold piece

From the very evolution of Indian society, a woman’s identity is generally considered to be depended on her husband’s name. Without being married, a woman is not considered as a viable part of a family. Widows in India still suffer from dishonor from society like discrimination and humiliation. So being in wedlock, and having a joyful marital life is an important achievement for a woman and needs to be placed in order to safeguard it from bad intentions and negative energies meant to cease the bliss. The protection broadens to the life of the spouse and the thaali is meant to safeguard his well-being. It is believed to protect him from any accidents or other harms. The gold wire of the Mangalsutra destroys the despairing vibrations present in the Universe through its power of the significant fire element. The black color of the beads is said to captivate all negative vibrations before they can arrive at the bride. The combination of the beads into one thread has its importance as well. Just as each bead endows to make a perfect necklace, so does the woman have to blend and bestow into the new family after marriage.

Scientific reason behind wearing thaali

A thali is believed to be worn to regulate a womans blood circulation. It is said to have the power of controlling the level of blood pressure in a womans body. This is why it is advocated to retain the thali hidden or covered as the continuous friction of the gold with the body will regularise the blood and pressure level of the body and keeping it hidden makes the effect more to gain the said benefits. As the Indian women tend to work hard, this proven scientific reason has something to do with their maintenance of energy level. This also announces the importance we Indians give to the women.

We hope you have got some idea about the role of our traditions and what all are the reasons behinds the same. Now let us together look towards the ways we can plan your wedlock.

Who are we?

Scenario, Cochin weddings planners have regularly shared the responsibility of making our clients more than just satisfied by spreading the colours and flavours of happiness all around. This brought us from budding a venture of a wedding organizing company to the current level of an event management company with immense goodwill, over a long period, operating from the commercial capital of Kerala. We have been working with the wedding industry for many years and backed with experience and have support and wishes of happy families alongside sharing their trust and feedback with us. Commitment and care for your memorable occasions drive us to give you the ideal services according to your demand.

Our services

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