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Ever been to a wedding that has not been part of the social media. Never! All the weddings that have taken place in the 21st century were part of social media. Either through e-invites or through hashtags wedding without social media is unimaginable these days. In previous years we have seen weddings taking place in more traditional way. But best wedding planners in kerala claims that in recent years social media has become part and parcel of every big fat wedding and also of a simple traditional wedding as well. Even though there are pros to the use of social media platform for weddings there are cons as well. But at the end of the day the cons are overcome by the pros. These are some of the pros and cons of Social media on the weddings. They are:

Pro’s and Con’s of Social Media in Weddings

With many celebrities going against in capturing their precious private ceremony  moments, social media has been sidelined for various reasons but even then social media has its benefits when it comes to weddings be it a big fat wedding or a normal simple wedding. There has been no wedding without social media. Here are some of the pros of social media:

  • Multiple shots of your special moments

During the wedding, photographs are the essence of the ceremony. Photographers that you hire will be capturing your memories. But there are some candid moments which are not focused by these experts but by your aunties or other close friends. These candid pictures are beautiful memories that will last longer and if it is shared through facebook or Insta then you can get back to the memories whenever you want with just a click. Rather than waiting for the actual photographs to come.

  • Convenient sharing

Sharing of your photos are convenient through online by creating hashtags. Many couples even post hashtags of photo albums of their special journey from where you can make copies of photos in the future. Another most convenient sharing 0f photos include sharing your wedding day video through facebook or skype from where people who couldn’t make it your wedding can get to know about each ceremonies of your big day. This will make them feel part of your function.

  • E-Invites

Current trend in all the major or minor weddings are sending e-invites. Not all the relatives, friends live nearby but you will like to have the presence of your relatives or friends who live far away. For the convenience of both your relatives and saving your travel time you can opt for e-invites through facebook or whatsapp using which you can invite people who are important to you no matter how far they live.

  • Online Planning of the wedding

Eventhough we have the best event management companies in thrissur to take care of our wedding events. We tend to have the habit of depending social media for our planning. From venues to wedding costumes everything is available through online. Most of the girls choose their lehengas or sarees based on what their facebook or Insta friends suggestion or from the images of their friend’s lehenga that was posted last week.

  • Boost of destination wedding

Social media has made destination wedding a good experience not only for the bride and groom but also for all guest as well. Social media has helped in boosting popular destination weddings in Kerala  and made the normal and simple wedding a grand feel. People have chosen social media’s help to showcase their grand weddings at even grander locations.

Cons of Social media 

Everything in the world has its advantages and disadvantages to it and social media is no exception. Social media has its cons even more so than its pros. Because too much use of anything is affected adversely. Some of the cons of social media according to best wedding planner in kerala are as follows:

  • Lack of control on what to post and what not to

Hashtag as mentioned earlier can be allowed for your guests to post your pictures. But when it gets out of control that’s where the problem arise. The professional pictures which are posted online is sidelined and hashtag pictures become more viewed this can cost you too much. So ensure the hashtag moments are shared only after the professional photos are viewed by all. Because when your special moments are captured and kept in an album you can cherish your memory and can be got back to them by turing few pages of your album. After all that is what everybody wants at the end of the day.

  • Beware of strangers

When you post your captured moments of the special day there is a chance of strangers who are not even close to you view your images and there is risk of getting your image misused by the stranger. So ensure that you minimize the posting of pictures in social media platforms like facebook, insta etc. Also make sure that your relative who are handling your hashtags during the wedding post the pictures only when you tell them to do so. This way we can avoid accidental posting of pictures and their misuse.

  • Too much expectations

The Best wedding event management companies in Cochin states too much expectations by the bride or her family as the most common negative impact of social media and it is the combination of high expectation and too much opinions regarding the ceremony that are dangerous. When you see your friend’s wedding through skype or facebook which is graphically made along with the real events you tend to compare your wedding arrangements with that of your friend’s. You feel that your wedding lacks something. This is not true. Not all the weddings are same. The reality is what you see in facebook or Insta can feel real but it will be completely graphics. Its always better to make your wedding simpler.

  • Social media and the rise in cost of wedding

wedding planner in kochi suggests less use of social media for weddings as it is both Apart from all the above reasons the main negative impact of social media is that it has increased the cost of all the wedding events. Earlier the cost of a wedding was what you want it to be but now because of the influence of the social media the cost of all the events related to wedding have gone skyrocket high because all people want is to make their wedding a huge affair through social media platforms. This make your pockets empty within a short span of time. To avoid this stick to your rules and stay away from social media for sometime.

Hence these are some of the pros and cons of social media as part of weddings. Even though there are more disadvantages to it than advantages. Many people still prefer the use of social media as part of their wedding. There are people even when they know that use of social media as part of weddings can be risky they want to be part of all the platforms in social media. The ultimate interesting as well as dangerous because there have been many cases of misuse of the images either by a random stranger or by their relatives.


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