The rocking modern wedding cake trends

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Want to add some colors and glamour to your wedding with a designer cake? We, Scenario wedding planners have a wonderful team collaborating to provide you with trendy cakes.

The modern wedding cakes come with luxurious details as a way of creating new expeditions. On every wedding, we look for new editions with the creative cakes.


Do you know the importance of wedding cakes?



The wedding cakes have been serving from very long years back.


Nowadays, wedding cakes have become a centerpiece of the wedding ceremony. But the tradition says a different story. The cake cutting event is considered to be a symbol of attracting good luck and prosperity for the newly wedded with the official beginning of a lifetime with a sweet bite.

It is the most special day in your life, so every detail should be custom made for your big day. Are you in search of something that could take your esteemed guests to a lip-smacking voyage? Then try something new infused in special creams.


Importance of wedding cakes in Kerala wedding

Wedding cakes were important in Christian weddings as a part of their special ceremonies. Now weddings have become adopting global cultures and as a part of this, wedding cakes have entered into all wedding parties. Serving sweets make the function sweeter and charming with a tasty delight.


Design your special wedding cake        



A wedding cake can be made with fun or can focus on the deliciousness. A romantic one is generally chosen by the young blood. And the cake should be also able to withstand the environment. Too delicate ingredients cant be kept for a long time.

And by considering the number of guests we have, we can decide the tiers of the cake. Each layer gives extra height and also a splendid smooth finish with awesome decorations.

Flavors to choose



Having a variety of alternatives make us confused to choose one. The essential factors to be considered are sight, smell, taste and even the smooth touch. You can also pair it with the reception food menu you have. The greatest combo among them should have opted.


Varieties in wedding cake

Black forest, caramel, chocolate, Irish coffee, white flakes, butterscotch, blueberry, and red velvet are the popular flavors for amazing wedding cakes. Some significant flavors like peach, cherry, and pineapple will be fine during spring and summer winter wedding cakes would be the taste of coffee, mocha, chocolate, and oreo. Strawberry and vanilla are universal tastes and will go all throughout the year.

Toppings like white chocolate, chocolate fudge, tinted buttercream, and frosting icing elements make wedding cakes more perfect. And many other accessories are added to these toppings, such as charming sugar flower, leaf decorations, photographs imprints. Perfect carvings with more glitter and dust brushed over it gives an instant glow to wedding cakes. Creative and custom designs look very elegant on the premier wedding cakes. It is now become a trend to use handcrafted sugar elements dipped in organic food coloring which can turn the wedding cake into a marvelous masterpiece.


Decide the components of your wedding cake



Even the design and taste are vital for a wedding special cake, you should also give importance to the ingredients and the health facts. Pay attention to the calorie and fat content in the cake.  


Still confused?

Contact us to make your wedding more tremendous with lovely wedding cakes.

Our specialists in baking and designing cakes can customize one in special for you and can even make personalized cake toppings.


 Scenario wedding planners



With many years of experience, we have shared our love and responsibility towards our clients. Execution of each activity is considered as worship to our profession and we can ensure you with prompt and reliable services.

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