Dos and Donts for Wedding Cakes

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When was the last time you saw a huge cake during a wedding function and just gasped at the beauty of it?


The specialty of these cakes is that they are not like the regular ones we normally see. It is rather intended for that particular function.


The concept of wedding cakes is now becoming very popular and has now become customary at every wedding reception function. Is it just some random concept or is there any connecting story behind it?


Read on to find it out.


A Little history


The concept of wedding cakes started long back in ancient Greece. The cakes of those times were completely different from the ones we know today. The modern version of wedding cakes originated at the wedding of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany in 1882.


Another highlight was that this cake was the first one that was completely edible. Apart from just as a food item, a wedding cake symbolizes many things for a wedding couple.


It is traditionally considered to bring good luck to all the guests and the couple. In modern times, the primary purpose of wedding cakes is to serve as a centerpiece to the function.


Is the wedding cake necessary?


We all know that weddings are the most important event in every person’s life. Therefore to make it a grand memorable function, most of us prepare a detailed plan which involves the dress, jewelry, transport, etc. It involves a considerable amount of money for conducting the entire function.


Therefore, when considering costs, it is quite natural for us to assume whether a cake is really needed or not. Actually, the presence of a wedding cake is not really mandatory, but the choice depends on the bride & groom.


If they feel the need, the cake will be present, after all, if people can spend large amounts of money on wedding resources, why not spend a few bucks for a cake. The purpose is to create memories.


When planning to order a cake for the wedding reception, it is better to not consider the opinions of every family member but keep the choices between yourselves and the betrothed, because everyone will have different tastes for cakes. Considering everyone’s opinion will never get you the right cake you desired.


The Do’s & Dont


As mentioned above, considering everyone’s suggestions and ideas will make you just frustrated, you will have to settle for some random flavored cake ordered at the last moment which at the worst case would be the one you don’t like at all.


Therefore, to avoid such messy situations, here we describe some Do’s and Don’t for wedding cakes. If you have a pen and paper, it would be better to note it down.




Taste the cake

When you select a cake for your wedding, make sure that you taste it. Even though the case may be from a reputed bakery, but if it doesn’t taste good, everything is lost.


Therefore, before making the final choice, it is highly recommended to taste the cake. To select the best cake, note down the best bakery in your town that is known for their cakes. Performing a taste check for a particular flavor at each bakery will give you an idea.


Attention to the decorations

A wedding function is not an ordinary function, it is the decorations, the add-ons, color, music, etc that gives wedding its intended purpose, therefore, if your wedding is special, so must be the cake.


Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the cake decorations. In the present scenario, there are many creative decorative ways through which the cake can be made. However, the choice is up to you if you want the cake to be something special or just a regular one.


Consider the space

For any wedding function, the total space and surroundings are definitely important. If you are planning to bring a cake, considering the area is a must.


If the wedding hall has a small space with low ceilings, it is definitely not wise to bring a big, tall seven-tier cake. The purpose of the cake is to act as a centerpiece, therefore, such cakes will stuff the room and make the hall look smaller.


On the other hand, if the hall has a lot of space, bringing a three-tier cake will just make it small in the big hall, so it is wise to consider the space and choose the one that suits the area. If you are in doubt, you can approach the services of a professional wedding planner as they will know how the right cake size for space.




Make last minute bookings

We know the huge preparation tasks for a wedding. It is not recommended to leave important things unattended for the last minute such as booking a cake. Sometimes you won’t get the desired cake at the last moment.


At professional bakeries, a baker needs at least a month to plan and bake the cake as per your specification, if it involves particular design patterns or themes. To make a beautiful masterpiece cake, it requires time which is why you should book your cakes early.


Opt a cliche flavor

Please don’t stick to the cliche way. Experiment with something new. In the case of cakes, try flavors you have never tasted. Maybe you will like it, may not. But it is worth trying.


For a special event like a wedding, it is better to get a special cake, but before that, you must ensure that the cake’s flavor is the one you like. When you plan to book a cake, you can tell the baker to make some unique tasty flavors based on your interests.


Hire the best wedding planners


This is something that must not be treated lightly. The benefits of wedding planners are huge in conducting a wedding. These people know how to conduct a wedding through efficient planning and coordination.


Due to the many years of experience in conducting various types of weddings, they know how to make a particular wedding more beautiful.


If you are planning a cake but unsure about the right one, approaching a wedding planner will help you a lot. In Kochi, there are many wedding planners that offer different kinds of services to the customers.


Among them, Scenario wedding planners are widely known for their quality of services offered to the clients.


Why Scenario


We believe in making your wedding function enjoyable and memorable to the fullest, therefore our team of professionals ensures that the function is executed correctly after proper planning and coordination.


Our services include invitation designing, stage decoration, hospitality, destination weddings, designing wedding cakes, photography and videography and more.


If you want to make your wedding function more glamorous and enjoyable, avail the services of Scenario wedding planners and see our magic.

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