A wedding planner in India is judged by their ability to wow their client! They understand that proper wedding planning can transform the entire outlook of a wedding. A wedding planner in India also creates beautiful relationships with their clients. These relationships are always treasured by both the wedding planner and the client. Some of our special clients have told us about their appreciation and gratitude to us in testimonials :


Adlux wedding planner


"Thanks to scenario for giving us a wonderful day. All our guests were really happy with the celebrations and arrangements made by you."


  • Title: RAVISH & MARIA
  • Date: 2015-01-05
  • Venue: Dubai , JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai
  • No. Of Guests: 1500
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Adlux wedding planner

"Our choice was perfect, as you guys did a wonderful job to make our day special. We are sure that, this will be our most memorable day and you added colours to it. Thank you."


Adlux wedding planner

"We had a wonderful experience with Scenario Wedding Planners, as they made our dream day the most exciting day. Lighting, stage, decors and the whole event was so admirable. Thanks to Scenario for delivering such as wonderful service."


Adlux wedding planner

"It was really a great blessing to have had you at the wedding. Me and my family is truly thankful to you for giving us immense support and help. Thankyou for making such an unforgetable day for us, cherished now and forever!”


Adlux wedding planner

 “Every second made me excited, every minute was lovely, the entire day was unbelievably fabulous. The way you took up tasks without any mess & confusion, the arrangements at reception so seamless. If you require, references, be sure to give my number to people!”


  • Title: SAUMYA & JOSE
  • Date: 2016-01-12
  • Venue: Aluva , CIAL Convensition Center Nedubassery
  • No. Of Guests: 2000
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Adlux wedding planner

 “Thanks for all the support given to us. All were super excited throughout the day. The feedback we got from our friends and family really made us feel proud for making the wedding day so delightful & the reason behind our success is one and only Scenario Wedding Company! If you need any recommendation, do not hesitate just give me a ring.”


Adlux wedding planner

 "Thank you for being an ideal wedding planner! The wonderful day was created just because of the efforts you did for us. You were the reason why I could relax and enjoy the whole day never took a stress from the beginning till the end. From planning to execution, till the end of the day, you were the strenghtfor us to move forward."


  • Date: 2015-12-02
  • Venue: Trivandrum , Madaparambil Resort Thodupuza Idukki
  • No. Of Guests: 1460
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Adlux wedding planner

"Thank you for making the wedding favors! I cant wait to see the look on everyones face this weekend when we set them out. I will make sure and spread the word of what a cool wedding company it was that I got them from!"


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