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Destination Weddings in Kochi Kerala
Wedding is a memorable moment in everyones life especially for the bride. This is the only day a woman could be brought to a level of a fashion girl. So she must be inquisitive about her appearance in the public and wont compromise in any manner. Most beautiful wedding bride is what everyone wishes for and being the most important person in the crowd. Make sure that glamour is possessed on her face till the end.

Hairstyle is one main part of the bridal setup which everyone appreciates. It may vary depending on the culture or religions but every style has its own glory. Well here is an article explaining about the different hairstyles for a Kerala wedding.

Fishtail Hairstyle:

Fishtail hairstyle is one of the most favoured styles for the hair among the brides of Kerala. Apart from the ribbon used in between the decorations, The merging of two strips of hair are done continuously to obtain a shape similar to that of the tail of a fish. Other fashion trends can also be fitted in between.

Ornamental Hairstyle:

This is what people of South India prefers during the marriage ceremony as it brings traditional value to the occasion. Hairs are pushed and are subjected to elongation. Then a thread is attached to it under the crown. Experts say that ornamentation is highly necessary to protrude the real beauty in the style.

French Ponytail:

Small alteration in the classical style will add a pleasing look to the woman on the stage.You must add a French thread with a pony rather than simply positioning it between the hairs. Fixing with flowers and other jewellery definitely gives a magnificent look. Beads which are tiny will be suitable for the this hairstyle.

Kerala Bun with Rose:

Here also flowers forms the major part of the fashion. Spongy flower cores are used and are placed in such a way that they are densely packed. Peach coral roses are applied in this manner underlining the bun from below. The spongy appearance of the bun will give an amazing wear for the bride.

Flower Galore Hairstyle:

Do you know why flowers are used for a Kerala wedding spot? It will give an elegant look to the the woman and it is essential as a part of the belief too. This is one of the most favoured hairstyles by a Kerala bride. A set of flowers on the top of the hairstyle with the braid swinging on the lower part is setup.

Modern Esque Style:

People with a modern approach towards the hairstyles, prefer the esque design which is much different from other traditional styles. A bun on the top and a bulge in the middle will give a stylish look along with other costumes. The front locks are distorted and pinned at the back for providing neat appearance.

Traditional Hairstyle:

A conventional saree with a thick cord and jewellery items all over the body along with lengthy decorative hair is the main characteristic of Kerala bride It gives an adorable look to her in front of audience. Golden ornaments are to be hanged on the ears and neck. But care has to be taken while choosing because inappropriate decoration will lead to loss of elegance.

Plain Jane:

Simple plain jane style can be selected for those who are not interested in showing up much after decorations. The bun is twisted beneath the hair which has to be tied. Accessories for beautifying the look can be utilized. Hanging ear ornaments should be big in size to match with the richness of this hairstyle.

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