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Destination Weddings in Kochi Kerala
Essential element to give the final touch to a bride on her wedding day is makeup. Here are the most amazing and interesting tips to beautify you.


Cleansing is the first and foremost process to do before starting makeup. This helps to remove all the dirt and oil from your face making your skin glow.

Foundation & concealer

Apply moisturizer before you put foundation and concealer. This helps keep them in place. Concealer can help cover your dark spots and foundation will brighten your skin tone. Apply foundation on other exposed parts of the body like the hands, neck, back, and ears. This way, your makeup will look a lot more natural.


Use a highlighter on the higher planes of the face, such as the check bones, the bridge of the nose, the center of the forehead, etc.


Use blush in small amounts to make your face look charming. Keep a smiling face and apply it using a brush over both cheeks. Spread and blend it along your skin tone.


Golden and red are the colors usually preferred by Indian brides as they normally choose a outfit in red, green, golden, etc Apply a small amount over your eyelids. You can also try a combination of two colors that blend well together.


It is better to choose black eyeliner on your wedding day instead of blue or red. Apply a thick layer with finishing on both top and bottom. IT is preferred to use a waterproof eyeliner during wedding occasions.


Use mascara to enhance more beauty to your eyes. Volume-up mascara can make ytour eyelashes look long. Another interesting way to add beauty to your eyes is using false eyelashes.


If you have thin lips, then use a light shade lip liner before applying lipstick. If you have thick lips, then go for dark shade lip liner. Most preferred colours are red, marroon, dark brown, light pink, peach, rose, etc. Apply 2-3 layers of lipstick to make it last longer during the function.

Glowing Skin

To make skin look glowing, it is suggested to start the treatment process with help of a beautician or parlor before 6 months or a minimum of two weeks.


Wear a sunscreen before going out in the sun. Make it as a habit to apply sunscreen always so that your skin tone improves by the time of your marriage.

Hair Conditioner and Hair Spray

Apply hair conditioner to style your hair the way you want. IT will help keep your hair soft, silky and shinning. Use good quality hair sprays so that your hair stays in place and doesn’t look frizzy.

Hands and Legs

Take care of your hands and legs by applying moisturizer and mix a bit of a highlighter powder to make your hands and feet look naturally glowing.

Right amount of Bridal makeup

Excess makeup is not a good idea during the wedding day. Remove excess make with the help of a blotting paper. At the same time make sure that you have applied a makeup that is more than you usually wear for other parties and functions. Always carry a makeup kit with you for easy touch up. Wipe away sweat and patch up those areas where you have lost makeup.

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