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Marriage is not about tying a knot on the brides neck or wearing a ring on the grooms finger, it is a bond between 2 people which should last for a lifetime. Nowadays in India and abroad we can see that wedding relationships doesnt goes on the correct track. Eventhough many external factors can also result in such a condition, the prime responsibility is for the couples to remould in a right way.

To receive the true answer for this question, the best way is to ask couples who has been in love for decades and still manages to be in the same trail till their last breathe. Anyone can be ready for a marriage but keeping the relationship in the right position amidst the bunch of problems in life is actually the toughest part. Successful couples have revealed some secrets for a healthy long lasting love affair.

Patience & Understanding:
This is a major problem among majority of youngsters in this generation. They get red at face for silly reasons without proper evaluation. But in a relationship, it doesnt work at all. High degree of patience is a must for you to sustain. Also mutual understanding between the couples is another factor that decides the long lasting capability of the bond. Compassion towards each other gives a concern during the period of misfortunes.

Mind to Forgive:
Everyone make mistakes and there is no perfect person in this world. If you fight hard till the end, it can result in some misery. So a feasible solution for this problem is to forgive to make the relationship an everlasting one. The best way to solve a problem in case of opposite opinions is to have a soft conversation with each other. The above mentioned point in this plays a major role here. The person who is found guilty should calm down the condition by a “sorry”.

Plan for a Picnic:
In todays world, time is a villain between the couples as both of them are busy either professionally or personally. So cut that hindrance which blocks them from having quality spends together. Keep aside the work for some days and plan for a picnic to your favourite destination. Having fun for at least a small period can give a relief from the hectic life. Also it helps to make the relationship stronger.

Respect is Right:
As mentioned respect is a right for any individual. The degree should multiply when coming to a relationship. The term should be conveyed to each other in action and not only in words from the lips. Comparing your partner with others is poisonous in any affair as it gives a sense of trust being lost. It will be nice to admit each others character and strengths in a positive way.

Intimacy is the Key:
Intimacy both physically and emotionally is the key to love. It helps to maintain a happy relationship with each other till the end. A gentle touch or a warm hug from the spouse at tough times can easily take away the tension and stress in this busy life. Also such close encounters leads you to have a healthy life ahead too.

Surprise as an Eye Opener:
Being alone for a longer time gives a feel of separation to the couples. A spouse will always look for a pleasant surprise from his partner. It neednt be any special day to give a shock. This can be useful to make the relationship alive and funnier. Furthermore it can make the person awake in the middle of tiring routine. Another advantage of this offer is that it generates creativity to offer something back.

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