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Destination Weddings in Kochi Kerala
Whitening teeth, makeup, hair trial, visiting colourist are a few steps preferred by event management Trivandrum to look beautiful on your wedding day. This blog will provide you with various information right from the eight-month down to the very day you say “I do”.

What are the things to be done before eight months?

Reckon out your fitness plan: You should follow a regular eating and exercise pattern before a month or two weeks before your wedding. This will help your skin glow in and keep your hair shiny.

Consult your colourist: Colouring is the suggestion made by a few Kochi weddings planner which is optional. This is done eight months before because it provides you enough time to change the colour back if you dont like without damaging your hair. So trying before eight months is a smart idea.

Look at the different steps to be done before six-months before

Visit your hairstylist: To keep the shape intact visit a hairstylist to literally remove the split ends without losing any length.

Go for laser hair removal: If you want to be a fuzz-free on your wedding day, you must go for hair removal treatment. Since you need four to six weeks in each treatment, you’ll have to start treatments about eight months out.

Get serious about your skincare regimen: To keep your skin under control if you get stressed out from planning, go for moisturizing, toning, cleansing your skin twice a day.

What are the precautions to be taken before four months?

Lengthen your lashes: Seeking information about Latisse from your dermatologist you can make your lashes long which will run for a 30 day. You can also use mascara or lash conditioning that contains peptides which will help to strengthen your lash and keep it in the growth period longer.

Get an even extension complexion: Freckling and larger patches of pigmentation may occur if you spent a good part of your teens on basking in the sun. So before four months of your wedding consult a dermatologist to remove all brown spots for getting a crystal clear complexion.

Schedule your hair and makeup trial: Event management Ernakulam brings inspirational shots of hairstyles and test makeup looks to make you more attractive. You can also try out as many different looks as you can so you’re happy and comfortable with your appearance.

What are all the things to be done before three months?

Give yourself a monthly glycolic peel: Like Olay Fresh Effects you can exfoliate your face twice a week. Using a chemical exfoliant like glycolic acid you can deeply clean your pores and also dissolves bacteria, dead skin cells, dirt, oil that traps in your pores etc.

Get your brows shaped: Shaping eyebrows is suggested four months before because you have time to experience different patterns on your brows which suits you the best for your wedding day.

What are the precautions taken before two months?

Test-drive a spray tan: Book a spray tan expert or a trial spray tan with an aesthetician if you want to look like a subtle glow on your face. Be confident to completely exfoliate your skin before applying the faux or getting spray tanned glow yourself to eliminate dead skin cells that can cause an uneven finish.

Brighten your smile: A smiling face is an attractive part of every bride and groom. So brushing with a whitening toothpaste daily like Protect Cool Mint Toothpaste and Colgate Optic White Platinum Whiten you can remove surface stains and lighten up to two shades. Wedding photography in Kochi always supports professional bleaching treatment like Zoom for gathering more attraction to your teeth while photography, because pictures are all for forever.

Tips to remember a month before

Go for facial: Facial is the last thing you need to do in your face to stir bacteria beneath your skin. That’s why it is suggested to do before four weeks.

Get your last glycolic peel: Give yourself your last glycolic peel two weeks before and also fix an appointment with the colourist and hairstylist to freshen up your colour and cut.

Which is the number one wedding company in Kerala?

Over a period of seven years Scenario is the best wedding planners operating from the heart of Kerala, Kochi that has constantly shared the responsibility of our clients spreading the fragrance and warmth of hospitality all around. Starting from services like wedding videography Kochi to hospitality and transportation facilities, Scenario creates the right ambience for your life’s most memorable moments to begin with the happiness it deserves.

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