Destination Weddings in Kochi Kerala
KERALA is a land that sets itself apart from the rest of the country with its unique culture and traditions. One such striking difference is in the style of solemnising marriages. The appearance of the Kerala bride reflects the grandeur of the state’s rich history and culture, while remaining simplistic at the same time.

Wedding attire

Many weddings in Kerala, especially Christian ones, see the bride in the traditional attire of creamy white sari bordered in gold called the Kerala saree. However Hindu brides use more of red and yellow in their sarees, while Muslim brides wear brightly coloured sarees or lehengas accompanied by heavily worked dupattas.

Wedding jewelry

This can be summed up in one word – gold. Keralites love gold and use of golden ornaments to adorn a bride is considered a necessary extravaganza.

The bride comes decked in gold, starting with a choker necklace around the neck and necklaces of varying lengths down to the waist. Earrings are the huge jhumka type usually, and arms filled with gold bangles and a gold waist chain completes the attire.

Wedding hairdo

Christian brides usually do their hair up in a bun, while Hindu and Muslim brides do a braid. Flowers particularly the jasmine adorn the hair. A christian bride wears a tiara and a veil.

Wedding makeup

Makeup is rather minimal as compared to bride counterparts in northern states. A light golden glow and a touch of pink on the bride’s face offers the best look that complements the traditional attire and gold adornment.

The Kerala bride is dressed to mesmerise guests of the day with her simplistic makeup and grand jewelry. She epitomises the rich cultural heritage of Kerala and is the ideal of femininity.

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