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Destination Weddings in Kochi Kerala
Hello, are you gonna get married soon? Then I am sure that you want to know “which is the number one wedding company in Kochi? Because I am sure that you will need to have a memorable wedding to cherish lifelong.

I agree that there are many Kerala wedding planner that can confuse you, but, to not compromise on your wedding day should be your firstmotto. You would wish for the best available in the market like the dress, decoration, furniture, cake and the best wedding stage decoration in Kochi.

Cake, Yes, the sweet pastry cake, that should get the apex attention after the bride and groom. While there are many Designer cakes in Kerala a wedding couple may find it hard to get the ideal cake they deserve, but what if I tell you there is a Wedding planner in Kerala, who can not only make your cake special, but provide you with an “all in all” service on your wedding day. Scenario is the best wedding planner in Kerala, they can serve you rite and with the best for the “best day of your life”.

Unlike other materials used in a wedding, a cake is unique and adds sweet to ones wedding literally, the sweeter the cake the better the relationship. It’s more concerned to be like a tradition and a culture to be followed in a wedding. In fact, the first 2 slice of the wedding cake is for the bride and groom, then followed by other individuals. Some cake is considered as the status symbol, the bigger the cake the high price it has, which provides individuals with a chance to show their lifestyle and prove their social status in a wedding.

The following are some of the tips one can use while selecting a cake:-

  1. Venue

Sometimes the location of your wedding can provide you with a great idea for your wedding cake. In fact, there are many wedding planners who decide the final cake design according to the area or the location of the wedding. For example, if your wedding is at Kochi fort, you can consider a wedding cake with a bit international design.

  1. Baker Artist

Online has many cake designs, some cake designs that can be used or some may look alike your dream cake. So make sure to go online and search for the design you wish. Once you find your dream cake, find a skilled baker who can make a ditto copy of that cake.
Dont feel bad if any baker refuses to copy another design, as some bakers have their own design and way of baking a cake.

  1. Price

Make sure that your cake is worth the money you are spending on it. Some people can provide you with a cake that has no quality but are high at price, while some may sell you high quality for a much lower price, that can make you doubt them. In fact, you might also hit a jackpot with the best cake for a less amount.

  1. What to order

You need to have an idea about what kind of design and the type of cake you want for your wedding. Have a rough idea about the cake you wish to have and later refer to the cakes your baker offers you and make a decision.

  1. Size

One of the most awkward situations is that when you start serving your wedding cake and it finishes sometimes most of your guest havent even got one piece. So make sure that you have a large cake on your wedding day, not only to feed everyone but also to secure your image.

These are the following things one must know while buying a wedding cake, so if youre planning to buy a wedding cake do make sure it’s the best choice you ever made.

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