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Destination Weddings in Kochi Kerala
So the big day is coming up! It is important for your bride to be dressed well on the Wedding day. More important than stage decoration and wedding surprises is how the groom dresses up. This in turn highlights the bride also. The only things men can work on is their outfit unlike girls who have wide range of options choosing between clothes, make up, ornaments, accessories, etc.

The way you dress is an important aspect that can change the outlook. Dressing has a lot to do with bringing the best out of you on the Wedding day. Deciding on the wedding dress must be started well in advance. There is always confusion regarding what to wear or which dress suits me. I have jotted down few tips for you to clear your doubts and make your wedding more special and memorable.

Choosing between being traditional or modern is up to you. This should be your comfort zone. So all grooms first think and decide on what you like to be wearing and what suits you being traditional or modern.

If you opt for a Traditional suit, this would be better for morning functions. A full three piece dress (formal shirts, a waist coat, and pants) will be a good option. More than the trend, go for what you are comfortable with.

The appearance of the groom can be altered with a popular and peculiar wedding suit tailored with two or three piece fitted to correct measurement adds value to the wedding day. Photographs are the ones that can be cherished forever so looking perfect is important.

A well well tailored suit would be the ideal one for creating an impact on the groom. You can easily draw the publics attention towards you.

How should the Suit Fit?

Buy a cloth that suits you. Choose classy and perfect colours. Get them stitched with perfect measurement. If you happen to see a good outfit, you can purchase it rather than buying. Shop it at the earliest. Avoid renting your wedding dress.

Shoulders- When it comes to shirts or jacket, make sure the shoulder lays correct fit. Standing out from the shoulder should be avoided. The jackets shoulder lenght must coincide exactly with that of the grooms shoulder. Not more not less.

Waist- It should dart in. All measurements must be taken with care starting from head to toe. Keep the waist region fit, in shape.

Jacket Length- The length of the jacket must be long enough to cover the seat and not short like a t-shirt.

Sleeve Length- Shirt sleeves must be a bit longer than the jacket sleeves. The sleeve must be long enough to cover the full length of hand standing just at the wrist.

Pants Length- Similar to that of sleeve length, pants must be long enough to cover the full length of legs reaching the toe. Always try it out wearing shoes as there may be slight variations.

Accessories Needed

During weddings, it is seen as a common practice to follow a color scheme. This can be through flowers, bridesmaids, or decorations tipped on. Grooms have limited accessories compared to men. But there are number of items like bow tie, neck tie, wedding bands, jewellery, watches, belts, cravats, shoes, etc. If you want to stand out, use a pocket square or silk scarf.

Random tips at a glance:

Shop your requirement rather than taking them on rent. IT is a common mistake that many makes to rent something and then later blame the vendors for it.

Stitched or properly tailored suits is always better. Choose your favourite colour and fabric to get your dress stitched. Believe in tailoring spent more on it to gain the enchanted look. Thus a stitched or well knitted suit attracts more.

Black is always a classy colour to choose no matter it is summer. Navy blue, white, grey, brown are all mostly preferred colours.

To add a modern touch, go for thin lapels. Colorful ties are another trend.

To avoid the suit from getting ruined, unbutton it before you sit down otherwise it will look clumsy.

Select the same colour for your shoes and tie.

The length of the tie must be just about the waist band ao slightly shorter than it.

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