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Destination Weddings in Kochi Kerala
Everyone wishes to look stunning when u stand as a bride or groom? Ya… it’s the time… Trendy world photography and videography makes you beautiful in bride-groom dress and ornaments…Todays world of photography and videography in wedding introduces unique style of creations.

The latest techniques in photography makes it more trendy and applying different styles of making photos to be the wonderful ones. There are techniques to click and create marvelous photos of Groom, Bride, Family and also other wedding procedures. Now a days photographers try to click in a number of trendy ways and arrange it…

Photography trends growing quickly with talented and creative photographers. In olden days photographers had concentrated on wedding time photographs only. And it would be in a same way always. But the current trends in photography turned in to clicking love proposals and meeting of partners before wedding and their gift exchanging. Because in this trendy world proposal memories became more sweeter than wedding memories. So it became a current trend in photography by clicking partners in the proposal time and such creative photographers makes the situation and click in a wonderful way.

The creative photographers takes photographs in each moments in a wedding ceremony including every gestures and postures of couples to keep and also gift to them forever memories that can be cherished life long. They use graphic designs for making photos more beautiful and attractive.

Photographers give instructions to the couples for taking slow motion photos. After clicking photos, the photographers use animations to create the still photos to motion photos.

Brides especially have taken photos by photographer before her marriage itself. The photography to portray bridal lookings with attractive dress costumes and ornaments make photos very fabulous ones.

The photography in trendy styles making beautiful family as well as couples. The clickings before wedding gives more emotional attachement with family members especially father and mother. It will be everlasting emotional moments and pictures. Talented and creative photographers clicks unknowingly and make it as memorable photos in the wedding album. This trend is known ans “Candid Photography” and is getting popular among weddings.

Photos after wedding is the outdoor shoot and it become so lovable and beautiful only according to the creativity and talent of the photographer. In this selfie world it became a trendy style by clicking the photos which couples have taken as their own photos or selfies.

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Sometimes a best photographer can’t be a best videographer. Because there should be a special talent in each one. A videographer knows the movements of camera, placement of camera and angles also. As told earlier, making of wedding videography is having slight difference from photography.

Trends in wedding videography more concentrates on taking and keeping videos of couples before and after marriage. As told about photography clicking videos in the time of proposal or make it as a situation became a trend in wedding videography. A creative or talented videographer can create it as a wonderful one. Because it is a non-traditional thing according to the customs. Today it became an important trend in wedding videography.

The adding of still images and photos to the video is becoming another trends in videography by designing and animation.

Wedding day video includes the same styles as in olden days but the camera eyes of videographer records all movements of couples and wedding procedures to create the video more beautiful and memorable.

The most important trends among in wedding videography is also making a promo video or minutes video by including special moments and movements during the time of wedding and outdoor shoot. It contains an overall of the exact video that has taken by the videographer.

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In each moments and movements the photographer and videographer seeks for clicking such a wonderful and creative clicks. He considers different styles of shots such as close-up, medium shot, long shot, extreme long shot etc. and also using high level angle, low level angle clicks from corners etc… The trends in wedding photography and videography are increasing as well as all other trends…

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