We’re driven by our purpose to make even the minutest detail of your wedding elegant and blissful. Our experienced designers and event managers will make sure your entire wedding environment is designed perfectly — according to your tradition, tastes, and specific needs. Here are a few of the numerous details we attend to:

Venue Ambience:

We’ve tons of fresh and unique ideas to make your wedding venue look amazing. By adhering to your tastes and requirements, our designers will make sure that you and your guests cherish your wedding’s ambiance for a lifetime.

Home Decoration:

Home is where the wedding begins and ends. We’ll ornament your house with our most economic and fascinating artistic assets, including table decor, wall decor, illuminations, ceiling decor, and light and sound set-ups. It will all be customized according to the architecture of your house and your requirements.

Car Decor:

You can choose from our fleet of luxury and vintage cars. Or you may choose to drive yourself to the wedding. But to decorate your wedding car elegantly with flowers, ribbons, special lights, or other catchy adornments, you can count on Scenario Wedding Planner.

Aisle Design:

The couple’s entry to the marriage ceremony is often the most-awaited moment at a wedding. Scenario Wedding Planner is reputed for creating some of the most stunning wedding aisles (pathways). From lanterns, flowers, sculpted pathway stands, and exotic plants to silk, jute, and luxury fabric works, we have everything to make the pathway at your venue look outstanding.


Across traditions, bridal and wedding bouquets are now an indispensable part of marriages. We collaborate with reputed florists in the country to bring you the most exotic and stunning flowers like Hydrangeas, Roses, Peonies, Lilies, just to name a few. These are carefully tailored by our artists, reflecting your tastes and adding to your aura.

Wedding Accessories:

Crownsveils, hair flowers, belts, slashes, bows and neckties, rings, classy cufflinks, garlands – you name it. Scenario Wedding Planner can craft for you elegant and awe-inspiring wedding accessories. From using natural flowers to the most luxurious fabrics and metals, we’re sure you’ll stun your guests with our designer adornments.

Light Decor:

You’re the star of your day – and you should have your wedding venue illuminated uniquely to highlight your starry appeal. From Chandeliers and hanging fairy lights in amazing ways from the ceiling to colored fruit bulbs that adorn your backyard tree, we have the trendiest assets and design experts to create a wonderland of lights for you.

Table Decor:

Table decor is one of the intricacies that make your guests feel treated like kings and queens. From minimalist candles to antique lanterns and other extravagant centerpieces, we have a plethora of ways to make your tables look mesmerizing in a cost-effective way.

Designer Cakes:

There couldn’t be a greater topping than a luscious designer cake at your wedding venue. Scenario Wedding Planner has a group of cake experts who’re not just great at designing spectacular wedding cakes, but who also impart an international flavor to them – you’ll certainly want to see and taste them!