Our end-to-end event services start from creating wedding invitations that give your invitees the “Wow” feel and make it irresistible for them to come and bless you. From traditional physical invitations to next-generation wedding websites, there are a plethora of ways by which we can help you send out amazing invitations.

Physical Invitation:

Traditional ways are forever meaningful. Couture, Offset-printed, Laser-cut, Luxury Metallic, Wooden Artifacts, Silk – you name it. We have the best card designers and printers to create stylized invitation cards that reflect the exclusiveness of your event.

Just look through our numerous models and varieties, you’re sure to find that special invitation card that suits your taste and style perfectly. And of course, Scenario Wedding Planner’s designs are customizable as ever.


Digital technologies and social media have made event management efficient and economic like never before. Caricature or Realistic Animations of the to-be-married couple, Save-the-Date Videos and Digital Cards, and Wedding Itineraries are some of the most effective ways of inviting guests today.

Our Wedding Planners include highly skilled digital designers and multimedia experts who can create mesmerizing digital assets for you. It’ll make it so easy for you to organize your event – and set the celebration mood for your guests well in advance in the digital space.

Wedding Websites:

Owning a website is no more the right of companies alone. Creating an exclusive wedding website, featuring the two-be-married couple’s stills and animations, wedding theme, Save-the-Date, event itinerary, etc., is such a cool and efficient approach nowadays. It makes your wedding event organization effective in a number of ways:

  • You can share the URL of your Wedding Website with your guests and track the number of RSVPs.
  • Your guests can get up-to-date information and any last-minute changes about the event.
  • Understand the program and theme of your wedding.
  • It’s a great way for your guests to network and start celebrating your wedding “digitally.”
  • You can own the website and its domain for a lifetime, where you can treasure the photos, videos, and everything about your wedding – and pass it on to your next generation, perhaps!

Note: Scenario Wedding Planner makes sure that all physical and digital invitations are created based on the Wedding Theme you prefer, as well as your specific requirements.