Whatever tradition or style you’re looking for — from whichever state in India or country in the world— Scenario Wedding Planner can design and create the entire wedding environment you imagine. And we do that in a truly cost-effective manner. Theme weddings are no more as expensive as you might have thought! Some of our hot-selling Theme Weddings are:

My Favourite Color Theme:

Everything, from the invitation to the stage, food counters, and thanks card, will be splashed with the color you love.

Library Theme:

Your entire wedding event will seem like a festival of books, including wall decor that’ll make your guests feel they’re inside a library.

Musically yours:

The wedding bells will ring right from the invitation stage with cards that play the sound of chimes when opened. The venue would resemble a Victorian-era symphony hall!

Jungle Theme:

Leaves, trees, thick forest – Scenario Wedding Planner can transform your event venue into a jungle, where you can marry as in the fairy tales!

Taj Mahal Theme:

For those who want to relive Shah Jahan and Mumtaz, we can design the wedding venue and all event elements showcasing the Taj Mahal.