Owning a wedding website is one of the coolest trends nowadays! While showcasing all the details of the marriage, it also serves as a comprehensive interface for couples who are based abroad, and whose guests fly in from different places. It’s also an opportunity for effectively planning the event, and helps the two families to better know and communicate with each other.

Scenario Wedding Planner nurtures some of the most experienced and talented web and digital designers in Kerala. Wedding website is a very cost-effective option that can cover numerous details, including:

  • Bios of the bride and groom
  • Digital Invitation
  • Guests’ book and RSVPs
  • Photographs, videos and other multimedia assets
  • Venue details, itinerary and any updates on the celebration
  • Live-streaming of the event, enabling people in distant places to watch the marriage online

Social Media platforms, especially Facebook are a very economic and attractive way to showcase the details of your marriage exclusively. Our social media designers and creative writers can create outstanding FB pages for your wedding. Above all, you can own these digital and online assets, and treasure it lifelong. Here are a few snapshots of the wedding websites and social media pages we created.