The couple’s entry into the wedding venue has become splendid and pompous like never before. For those who want to make their wedding event a majestic scene that can be relished for a lifetime, Scenario Wedding Planner helps to create Grand Entries for the bride and groom into the venue. Grand entries are meticulously planned and executed by our artists and technicians! Some of our hot-selling Grand Entry offerings are:

Floral chariot:

A traditional chariot with exquisite and rich floral decor pulled by a decorated Horse – you’ll be welcomed royally like a Raja and Rani.


The ancient style of carrying the bride into the wedding venue in a decorated palanquin (Mangalya Pallakku) is a great way to make your wedding entry truly grand and royal.


From sleek pyro blasts to sparkling firework glitters across the sky, we have a host of ways to make your wedding visual amazement with fireworks.

Helicopter Marry Ride:

You can come straight from the heavens to your wedding venue in a helicopter. There wouldn’t be a better way to make your entry as breathtaking as in a movie.

Traditionally Kerala:

You can walk into your wedding venue through an aisle created by decorated elephants and the rhythm of Panchavadyam – the fabulous Kerala program style wedding entry.

Classic Convoy:

Enter the venue with a convoy of dozens of luxury cars, limousines and Harley Davidson bikes – you’re guests might think they’re witnessing a Hollywood movie.

Rajasthani Royan Entry:

With vintage cars, horse carriages, North Indian folk dance and the rhythm of Dhol, the bride and the groom can enter the wedding venue in an enviably aristocratic way.