There are a few elements without which your wedding event cannot be conducted at all. Some of the essential technical components Scenario Wedding Planner provides to make sure your event is held without any disruption throughout are:

Air Conditioning:

Suppose your wedding hall or destination doesn’t have the facilities to cool the air, we can install and operate really cool and efficient ACs that’ll sustain the mood and comfort throughout the event. We provide highly effective air coolers too.


Wedding events require an uninterrupted electricity supply at the right voltage for everything to function well and smoothly. We have some of the most fuel-efficient generator models and power back-up facilities to electrify your event throughout!


We have all the expertise and physical components to provide a clean water supply at the venue without any disruption. This includes ceramic washbasins, hand washes, sanitizers, etc.

Light and sounds:

We provide A-Z lighting services for wedding events. This can cover any pre-marriage functions at home as well. We possess best-in-class lighting devices, speakers, and microphones to give your event the professionalism it deserves. Our light and sound engineers have the expertise to make sure everything is in place and runs without disruption.

LED Walls:

Irrespective of size requirements, we have expansive LED walls that can create high-res and pristine-definition environments at wedding venues. These can give your wedding stage an international signature at ultimate HD scales.