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  • Scenario Wedding Planner

    Wedding Websites

    Owning a website is no more the right of companies alone. Creating an exclusive wedding website, featuring the two-be-married couple’s stills and animations, wedding theme, Save-the-Date, event itinerary, etc., is such a cool and efficient approach nowadays. It makes your wedding event organization effective in a number of ways:

    • You can share the URL of your Wedding Website with your guests and track the number of RSVPs.
    • Your guests can get up-to-date information and any last-minute changes about the event.
    • Understand the program and theme of your wedding.
    • It’s a great way for your guests to network and start celebrating your wedding “digitally.”
    • You can own the website and its domain for a lifetime, where you can treasure the photos, videos, and everything about your wedding – and pass it on to your next generation, perhaps!

    Note: Scenario Wedding Planner makes sure that all physical and digital invitations are created based on the Wedding Theme you prefer, as well as your specific requirements.