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  • Scenario Wedding Planner

    Media & Entertainment

    Photography & videography

    Without photo-video coverage and entertainment, wedding events are becoming pointless nowadays. But no worries, digital technology is making media and entertainment increasingly less-expensive. So you have every reason to throw up enlivening entertainment for your guests — and capture their smiles too! Scenario Wedding Planner can provide you the best and the most affordable options in entertainment, and photography and videography. Here are some of them. Photography and videography Wedding photo specialists: who conceive the most appealing shots and frames in a wedding. Insightful videographers: who can capture the celebration, in motion, truly creatively Drone, 360-degree, and ultra-HD cameras: to shoot the celebration and your venue from a bird’s eye-view in the utmost quality and definition. Designers: who can create unique, as well as customized, wedding albums. Digital album: to store your stills and videos forever in digital format. Live webcast: to air your celebration in real-time over the internet for your dear ones in distant lands who cannot make it to your marriage.

    Arts & Entertainment

    Vocal and Instrumental Bands: From various genres, such as filmy, DG, Indian and western classical music, percussion, symphony orchestras, medley, and fusion music. Celebrity artists and performers: Reputed singers, dancers, reality show stars, magicians, stand-up comedians, and celebrity VJs and comperers from the film and TV industries. Cultural art forms: From Indian classical dances, such as Mohiniyattam and Bharatanatyam and Margamkali to western dance genres like Ballet, Salsa, and Tap Dancing. International artists and acts: To give your wedding event an international signature by bringing in global bands and artists, satisfying your foreign guests particularly.